Herring at Akershus?


I know, this is a tad specific, but I was wondering if anyone had recently been to dinner at Akershus in Norway in Epcot and if, on the cold board, they had the six kinds of herring they used to have…

loves that herring


My understanding is that they did away with the herring when they converted to the Princess dinner. Sorry!


Agh! I’d heard they’d gone back to the original menu but was not sure – so if anyone has been there recently they would know…



(Hoping that perhaps it IS back after all…)


Sorry, DaddyBear, the menu at Deb’s site only says various meats, cheeses and salads, doesn’t specify what kind. But, I suspect it will be there since they’ve brought back all the other parts of the old menu


:fingers crossed:

hard of herring


Not to hijack but…I am not a fan of herring - I’m sure it’s delicious to some people, just my own taste. ANyway, about 7 years ago my family and I went to the buffet they had in Germany’s pavillion and I got a big helping of what I thought was potato salad - well I took a big bite and :blow: :blow: :blow: It was herring! OMG, my family still laughs about that. When someone serves potato salad my sister will usually say, “That’s not pickeled herring, is it”?!


I hardly ever make a decision about food before I taste it. But I am willing to make an exception for herring – it looks icky, floating around in myucky creamy something, all silvery shiny and nasty-looking. I can’t even give it a try!
(oh, man… did I just type that out loud?)


This is one of the things I like about the Disney buffets – one can have as little or as much of anything they like and try new things. (The German restaurant is the Biergarten, by the way. Arr num num.) :mickey:


tatt, tatt, tatt— There are so many more ways to eat herring than in that white sauce, which by the way is sour cream, onions, pickles and other good things!!!
Herring is so so wonderful. I wish chastmastr hadn’t brought it up. It is time for me to go oversees and have some. they are really best in May!


He didn’t bring it up. He hasn’t had any yet. He won’t bring it up till we get there

(sick joke warning!)


:eek:, thanks for the warning. Late but none the less :glare:
Warning, the two Davids… :pinch:


Yes, there are two of us again because of Infinite Crisis; after Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985 we fused, and…

Wait, wrong DC. :wink: No, there always have been two Davids, and it confuses everyone but us.

[I]the above are comic-book references and would be far too complicated to explain easily (I do think that it would add a whole new meaning to “That’s So Raven”…); though it reminds me, I should start a thread on Disney comics, as IDW just came out with an ongoing Disney-approved Haunted Mansion comic series – not here, however, as my Quest for Schroedinger’s Herring* continues

*quantum physics joke, please ignore[/I]


Darling Dopey! I will count on you to have enough herring for both of us!!! And in the meantime, I will take your word for it that herring is really yummy!


Yes, it is!!


I just saw this post :laugh: that is too funny.

MissDisney, if I could, I would invite you to join me in some herring at Epcot but alas, NO FUNDS :crying:


We had gone last year and DW loved the cold bar which included the herring. This past August we went with DW’s mother and went to Akershus for dinner and it was gone. We talked to our server who told us that they removed it and were supposedly closing for renevation. Then early next year it would reopen and have the cold bar again. I am not sure if this is true or not but it came from our server in August.


That would be so cool! We’ll be there in January. :slight_smile:



According to the latest from AllEarsNet…


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I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited. :dry: