He's Back! Capt Eo is back at DisneyLand


?Captain EO? Returns to Disneyland Park, Classic Attraction Featuring Michael Jackson Now Open (Disney News Blog)

Hope he returns to Epcot too!!!

Actually, I was browsing here a few days ago and read a few notes about how people love the Figment attraction. I wish they’d bring back what I assume is the original Figment. IMHO, it runs circles around anything that has been their since. I “think” the current is actually the third main Figment type attraction at Imagination pavilion.
Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. I’m speaking of the attraction where Figment is first introduced by DreamFinder.

Anyway, I hope at least Capt Eo makes it back to Epcot.


I know that the Figment attraction, and pretty much all of the Imagination pavilion, were closed in 2002 and I’m guessing that’s the last time it changed. I’ve only seen the current version.
As for Eo’s return, I pretty much predicted it could happen.
Squaring the circle, “Honey…” (also part of Imagination) would need to be closed in order to bring back Eo.


Yes - Journey to Imagination is on it’s third try. The original was great and should never have been messed with. The second was awful and closed within months. The third - meh.

It wouldn’t break my heart if they closed Honey I Shrunk the Audience. It’s so outdated! But can’t say that I’d get excited about Captain Eo either.


I agree, the original Figment was the best.
I was wondering, after Michael’s death, if they would bring EO back. I hope so, that was one of many great things he did. No matter how many times we went to WDW we always saw it. It never got old, like Thriller.
That would be a great 25th Ann., first the Electrical Parade and now, maybe Capt. EO.