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I wanted to mention to everyone that it is as important as ever to check the pins you receive from eBay purchases.
I just received a pin from a seller with more than 16,000 sales and a 100% perfect rating. I seriously doubt she has any idea that the pin she sent me is NOT the one pictured in the auction listing. And I also doubt that she knows that the pin she sent is a cheap version of the real one.
Obviously, I had no way of knowing I would be getting an inferior pin because the one pictured was the perfect one I wanted.
I have contacted her, and I am sure we will get it resolved. Just wanted to mention that you have to really check them out, even after all these years! Especially if it is a piece for a collection, which this was…


Hopefully it was an accident and the seller fixes the situation. Good reminder.


I have a question about ebay pins. We’re looking at buying a lot so DS will have some to trade. Are there any sellers to stay away from? Everyone I’ve looked at has Top Seller rating, but I still don’t know anything about any of them and they seem to be the same few with TONS of pins to sell. We’re not doing any collecting, DS just wants to trade…it’s new to him and I think sounds more fun than autographs. Any help is appreciated!


We bought off the one family on ebay 3 years ago who sales them in 25 /50 /etc lots. Good seller and yes all the pins are made in China. So are all the items sold in the parks nowadays. Back before Disney caved and put all their purchasing power in China there was a big stink in the pin trading community about “chinese knockoff pins”. Now Disney is the purveryor of all things cheaply made. Dont worry about your pins trading, they will be accepted by all of Dis.


I believe all the original pins were made in China and should have the stamp that says so on the back.

HOWEVER – the pin I am referring to above is remarkably stamped very realistically. However, there is no apostrophe in “Disney’s” and “Lanyard Pin Series” is all one word! In addition, the back and edges of the pin are too shiny.

I have the original, and the one I bought was to be a back-up for a set we are working on, so I can do the side-by-side comparison.

The front of the pin has some serious differences. First, the edges are not as curved as the original. In addition, where there is supposed to be a gold earring in Pirate Pete’s black ear, the earring and ear are bright brown.

Pete is wearing a bandanna, and in the original, the colors are muted red and yellow. In the fake, the colors are very bright yellow and red, and the shape of the bandanna is a bit different.

Also, the details on the handles of two swords on the pin are very different. the fake is much less detailed in its scrollwork on the handles.

Realize that if I did not have the original pin from the parks to compare, I might not ever have noticed. They are remarkably similar, but a good eye will catch it all.