Hey anyone going in May


Wow, looks to be pretty busy at the parks in May this year, my week anyways , the 13th to the 21st.
There isn’t much availibility at any of the resorts during that time.

Not to get anyone worried, just to be prepared, we may have to “plan” even more with the expected crowds.


It probably will be at peak due to the 50th Celebration.


When you say at peak, do you mean like holiday crowds?


I am going the 14th of may til the 23rd… Staying at Summer Bay Resort. I am also a little nervous about the crowds.


Oh no I was hoping the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. I’ll be at wdw 5/5-5/14


Yeah, I’m expecting a little more than than the “normal” early May crowds, but we’ll be there the 4th-11th and I’m assuming it will be manageable.


With everything going on in early May and travel up in general I bet May will be busy like summer crowds. I don’t think it will be as busy as Christmas but I could be wrong. As long as you have a plan and know what you have to do you can go with the flow on the rest.


Are most of the schools in fl still in at that time.


I think most are in until at least early June. That should help you some.


We’ll be there the same week at PC and I am getting more and more nervous about crowds and heat each week. We were sooooo pampered by crowds the week of April 26th in 2003 no waits at all. I am afraid we are going to be caught off gaurd by the crowds and go in to melt down mode. I only have 1 PS breakfast planned for CRT on the 16th, fireworks cruise 14th(but no dinner) and the Wonderland Tea party(17th) for the kids(lunch at cafe for me and DH) So am getting worried about not having any real meals planned :pinch: I figured the week before(start of celebration) and week after(start of star wars weekends) would be worse and we would luck out, but there sure seems to be alot of people going this week.

I am happy and releived though that we have 2 more days than we did last time and more of a buffer on our drive to and from. :phone:


I hate crowds, but c’est la vie. You’ve gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. And I really don’t think it’ll be that bad – the celebration’s really in Disneyland, after all, and I’ve been at resorts when they’re “full to capacity,” and they’ve not seemed any more crowded than when they were half-capacity. I really don’t think it’ll get close to holiday or even summer capacity that week.


The way that I deal w/crowds (like when I went Easter Week) is to not put too much pressure on myself. I don’t have to ride EVERY ride. I pick the ones that are very important to me, get a FP, and then move on to something less crowded. Also, no matter what the crowds, World Showcase is always comfortable and not too bad. Retreat there whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed.


The public schools in my county (in NW Florida) release on May 18th. Orlando area public school are in session until May 27th this year.


I am going May 25th until June 1st and I believe most of the schools in the southeast are out by this time. I guess I’ll just have to face the crowds. This is trip number 7 for us so I don’t feel a lot of pressure to ride everything but I do hope to get to really enjoy Epcot because we’ve really neglected that park.


We live in South Florida, and the kids here don’t get out until the first few days in June.


Welcome to DC! You will love the people here!

Anyways, I too am getting very nervous about how crowded it might be. We have never had to use FP and I am feeling like we might have to. We will be there 5/10-5/21, staying at CBR. All the PS’ are planned and made, now it is just a waiting game.

Under the 30 day mark…WOO HOO!!!


wow! a lot of people going in May. I had a feeling it would be like that so I have even made dining reservations already


Memorial Day Weekend for me!!! woo hoo! I can’t wait!


My partner and I are going May 7-15, celebrating our 2nd anniversary at CBR and AKL. I’m not too worried about the crouds, because our main purpose for going this time (our 3rd trip) is to relax, soak up the resort atmosphere (especially AKL!!! - first time at a deluxe resort!) and of course enjoy the parks. We will go to the parks, of course, but I’m thinking that a lot of people from out of state will have to wait until June when most of the kids get out of school. Also, we’ll be concentrating on AK toward the end of our stay and that’s usually the least crowded of the parks. So, basically, we’ll take it slow, enjoy the rides that mean the most to us and just enjoy being with the mouse.


I’ll be there for a day or 2 starting the 16th. I’m preparing myself for crowds so if I don’t get to do everything… eh, I’ll hit it next time. But I’m still going to be working those fastpasses like crazy…