Hey Boss Mouse, You're 151 Days Out, Any ADR's Yet?


You’re within the 180 day window, so tell us your dining plans for June!


If you remember a little bit ago, Disney released the EHM days for June and it was different than expected. So I had to make changes. CMs were awesome.
Here’s what we got:

Monday California Grill
(06/12) Dinner

Tuesday Crystal Palace

Wednesday Hollywood/Vine
(06/14) Fantasmic package

Thursday Breakfastasourus

Friday Open

Saturday Cirque du Soleil
(06/17) Capt Jack’s

(06/18) Victoria & Albert’s

Monday Lilo/Stitch
(06/19) O’Hana’s


I do remember you mentioning these ADR’s. You have a couple of the same ones I do. I’ll give you some reviews when I get back.

I’ve got the Fantasmic! package with Hollywood and Vine, and 'Ohana breakfast. You are going to love CP, I’m not sure if you’ve been before

I’m jealous that you’re going to Victoria and Albert’s, I remember it was for the birthday of one of your kids or your wife.

I debated doing Cirque but decided against it this time. You’re going to love it I’m sure.


You are right, V&A is for DW birthday. This will be a first for the mini-mice to see the Cirque, it is an awesome show. The Cal Grill is a new one for us 9pm so we can catch the fireworx. It is DD 18th Bday that day. (I took the advice of our DC friends on this one.)

We anticipate, with the children growing up so fast, that this may be our last ‘Nuclear Family’ Disney vacation. We’ve (I’ve) been saving for 2 years, so we are pulling out the stops.

CP has been a staple of our trips. They all love Pooh and the food is pretty good and there is a lot of it (dumb and dumber eat like Clydesdales).

It’s 151 days away, but I’m getting pumped. Not as much as those w/less than 10 days, but psyched, none the less.


I love this 180 window thing…I can make mine sorta soon. Love your choices boss. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on V&A’s.


Dana, We went there for our 5th anniversary. Realize with the 5 mini mice, we don’t 5 star dine - ever.

Hands down it was the best place we have dined. Nothing I read compared to the experience. I can give you more detail, if you’d like, but all in all - I highly recommend it.

The only difference I will make this time is hiring a car to take and bring us back. Disney Transportation took the edge off a perfect evening.


I wonder if I could maybe pull off a nice romantic meal with my DBf there one night while we are there and let the kids hit a par?. It’s formal dress isn’t it? I will have to do some serious thinking about it, but it would be nice to get all dressed up one night and take him there.

I totally get the not 5-star dining with the kiddos. Me and DBf never get to do anything like that. This may be the best opportunity…lol Now, to make him wear a jacket…lololololol I don’t think it’s going to fly. Him and I are casual dressers. I can’t see telling him he needs a jacket and tie to go out to eat…he may laugh his butt off. :angel:

Yes, do take personal transportation or get a cab. I always reccomend that to people who are dining at another resort. It’s faster and easier and it’ll only cost you around $14…well worth saved stress and aggrevation to me.


I setthis up on the night Mk has the pmEMH so the mini-mice can play. IT si jacket for men, but no tie required. And romantic? They have a live harp player there.

It’s for one night and it’s her birthday so we’ll do it. If you can swing it, you won’t regret it.


I’ll have to talk to him and see what he says. I have my ways of getting my own way…lol kidding. I’ll see if this is something he is interested in. :heart: thanks for the information.


Sounds GREAT! Is this your first time going to see Cirque’s La Nouba? If so, you are going to LOVE it!


I totally agree with you on Cirque’s La Nouba we loved it and can’t wait to see it again!


DW and I saw it last year and were simply blown away. I would have sat through another show. So … it became part of the savings plan we made for June’s trip and include the mini-mice.

Oh, and I am at 150 days …


Not according to your countdown :huh:


Right Peppy, hence the name I gave this thread.

A little anxious boss? Trying to shave a day off? That’d be like me saying I have only 8 days instead of 9 :angel:


According the one on my desk top I have 150 days/19 hours etc… HMMMM how did this happen?

Tell you what, Let’s come back here in 2 hours and THEN I’ll have 150 here, too!
How’s that?