Hey ddoll - or other US fans


Has naybody seen the Dive In Movies at any of the Universal hotels? Our last trip didn’t coincide with the day of the week they showed movies at RPR, but I’m pretty sure we will be ther for HRH’s Dive In Movie. Was it worth going to see just for the experience?


They did have the movies scheduled during our trip to the HR back in 2002, but like you, it didn’t fit into our schedule.


We never saw them while we were there. In fact I didn’t even hear about it until we got home. A friend of mine got to see the poolside movies on their trip. But I’m looking forward to experiencing it myself the next time we go.


They have a pool? What Florida native bothers with the pool? That and I don’t know if they’ve ever coincided with our schedules either.


I’ve never done it, since I’ve never stayed at a Universal, but I think it sounds like a cool idea. I’m not the kind of person that really uses a pool much when I’m down there cause I’d rather spend my time in the parks, but for the folks that do like swimming on vacation, I think it’s pretty darn cool…


Dewey, the thing with the Univeral hotels is, you get to do so much of the parks in a shorter time with the FOL pass, that you have more leisure time to spend at the hotel.


That is EXACTLY what we’re hoping for. We will be there for 5 full days, which is 2 days longer than our last visit. We had PLENTY of time last time with FOTL, and it was peak season (I think). We’re hoping to enjoy the resort a little more and get in a lot of relaxing too.