Hey DeweyDisneyHog... start typing, young man!


C’mon already… give it up. Details, details, details! :wink:


I think he’s driving home. Which stinks, cuz I want details, too!


waiting…still waiting…lol Pull over Dewey and start typing!!! :wink:


I assume you are talking about his TR! I can’t wait to read all of the details!


Come on Redneck…TYPE! :tongue:


What exactly does he think he’s doing? having a 3 day weekend away from DC and all his responsibilities here?
Someone (Erin) should get in touch with him and read him the “so you wanna be a member at DC? Here’s whats expected of you” part of the contract


I, for one, saw him post on another thread less than an hour before Catfish1999 ordered him to type a trip report. :ninja:

I suspect he’s being a slacker… :angry:


Dewey IS a slacker!! I bet he’s at home by now, probably doing something NON-productive like UNPACKING or worse - NAPPING.

Get to typing and posting pictures HogMan! :mad:




Maybe rednecks CAN’T type!!!

(Alright, keep your shirts on, everybody… that was a lame, transparent joke clearly aimed to look like a feeble challenge… as if it might get Dewey’s blood up so he feels the need to file a TR just to prove that yes, rednecks CAN type… etc. etc. etc… :wink: )

Oh, man… there I go again cracking myself up… :tongue:


Yeah! I bet they CAN’T!

rednecks can’t tyyy-yype, rednecks can’t tyyy-yyype!!!


Now that I think about it, I don’t remember Jeff Foxworthy DOING a redneck joke including typewriters… :huh: :blink:

I suspect there’s a reason for that. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


It’s cuz Rednecks can’t tyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyyype, rednecks can’t ttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype!


How dare he? Get off that couch slacker!!! Start typing!


Or at least show us some pictures!


Yeah… What they said!!! We want to hear about the trip!!! SLACKER!!! :smiley:


MickeyRon - did you finish yours, yet??? :laugh:


ummmm… Hey I was trying to be supportive and you are going to bust me out like that! :dry: :angel:


Oh! OUCH!!! Muahahahaha! :wink:


Hey, Dewey, this is a keyboard… :wink:


Put down the BANJO and pick up the keyboard!!!