Hey DVCers, check your email!


I just got my “holiday greeting” email from DVC-check for yours, and be sure to click the link for an AWESOME surprise-it’s too cool:cool:



It’s cute…we also got it as AP holders


That was totally awesome! Can’t wait until my DS and DD get home from school so I can show it to them!


That was so cute, I loved it! I want my own personalized entrance to the MK like in the video. :tongue:


I got nothing. What am I, chopped liver?


[QUOTE=MissDisney;914423]I got nothing. What am I, chopped liver?[/QUOTE]yes you are next to me, chopped steak :laugh:


Are you talking about the personalized Disney video with your name all over the place at WDW, i.e. the entrance, the parade, etc? I don’t own DVC or an AP, but I did receive it from Disney Destinations. It is pretty cool.


See, I got it from somewhere else too. I’m pretty sure that the person who sent it to me is neither a DVC member nor an AP.


That’s cool that they sent it to other people too! I got mine addressed as “dvc member”, but, I’m glad that other guests got it too! it’s so cool!


I DIDN’T GET IT. :crying:


We got ours… :laugh:

Spent the afternoon emailing it all over.


I got it too and I’m not a DVC or APer

I loved it. It was so cool!


me too!:happy:


I didn’t get one either!! :crying:


“Move over”…chopped ham speaking.

nothing from dvc for me