Hey Ginger!


I sent you PM but I don’t have your email address. I need your help at the Swolphin.


On second thought: is there anyone else who knows how I can get the email address of the manager of Kimonos?


I miss Ginger…


I miss Ginger too!!! AND Tessa! What’s goin on?


Ddoll, I would call the hotel management and ask for it. I wanted to send accolades to the manager of California Grill years ago but I didn’t want to call the restuarant and directly ask him. I asked the Contemporary’s management and they got it for me. If I remember correctly I think it was something like personsname@wdwblahblahblah.com


Thanks Wish. I will call if I don’t hear from Ginger.


Me too !! Where have they gone???


Those two are just too cool for us now! :laugh:


Yeah, I guess if I was young and living @ WDW, I wouldn’t be spending that much time on the computer either !!:laugh:


Yes! Lucky for me I am old and live in Jersey! :laugh:


LOL !! :laugh:


I can relate to that!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


I feel very used :pinch:



Hey everyone,

I am still around, just have been extremely busy lately. Sorry I haven’t responded to any PM’s. I usually am on the run, but tonight I am free finally to actually read what has been happening lately.

First off, ddoll, I am not sure who the manager of Kimonos is or how to get the email address. I would just recommend calling them. 407-934-4645 will put you in touch with the Dolphin front desk and they can either look up the email for you or connect you to Kimonos. That’s the only phone number I know off hand for the Swan and Dolphin.

Things have been going well though at the Swalphin for me. I don’t get to go to Disney very much anymore since my annual pass expired at the end of June and I am holding out to buy a Florida resident pass when the blackout dates end. But about a week ago, a guest gave me a 7 day park hopper ticket as a tip. That was pretty sweet! So I have been using that up this past week. I finally got to ride the new Pirates which was really cool. It’s been fun being back at Disney just to have fun.


There you are Ginger!


Hey Ginger! I enjoyed meeting you and I miss you! Hope you are having fun!!!