Hey I found Rowdy (I think !)


hey rowdy is this you ?
YouTube - Live Disney Parade, Mariah - All I Want For Christmas Is You


LOL!!! Yes I was helping Goofy that glorious morning. Didn’t like having to show up at work at 4:00am but hey anything for being filmed on national TV huh? LOL


That is so cool! You have the best job, I can’t imagine how fun most days are for you.


That was FABULOUS!!!

You really do have the best job, don’t you?

Rowdy, do you know yet if you’ll be helping Goofy in the MVMCP parade this year? I still need my chance to yell, “Hey Goofy, get Rowdy!”


I know right, how awesome it’s gotta be :pinch:


It looks so good !
I wish i was there !


I can only hope right now. This year due to the Halloween and Christmas parties being such huge hits last year, they’re starting both earlier, which means the rehearsals for Christmas will be during the Halloween parties. Because of this I could only preference to do one of the 2 parties. Sad because I really wanted to do both. But when it came down to it I’ve preferred Christmas. Now I’ll have to wait till October to find out.


Helping Goofy has to be the best job in the world.


It is, but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Ironic huh? So hot and painful at times…but it is the best job I’ve ever had.


how cool. I’m too embarassed to ask a given Goofy to get Rowdy:wub:


Well, when we can finally order our Mousebuzz lanyards or pins, Rowdy might just notice us!


That was so cool! Do they always do stuff like that for Christmas or was that something special?


Me too. I met Rowdy two years ago but was too chicken to say anything about DC, I just walked away.


That would be so cool. I will really try harder to find you on our next trip, Rowdy. You were so kind to PM me your schedule when we were at WDW in June, but it’s hard to get my 3 boys (oh, DH and 2 boys) to follow my pre-planned schedule.

But, could you have been the Rowdy Goofy who tapped the straw hat (on which I proudly displayed my DC pin) off my head at Donald’s breakfast at AK on a Monday morning in June (the 19th to be exact) at around 8:15am?


Unfortunately I’ve not done Breakfastasaurus in many months so that’s a negative. :crying: But no worries, I’m sure you’ll be back :wink:

That was for the Christmas Day Parade '04 on ABC. So yes they ALWAYS have a celebrity sing the opener of the parade. Gotta do something to get ratings from a national TV viewing audience. At least now I can add “been in a emmy award winning TV show” to my resume :laugh:


It’s true isn’t it? It’s the most wonderful job in the world, and yet in a lot of ways it requires more personal sacrifice than any other job. Physically and emotionally! (Although the emotional stuff is primarily good. :tongue:)

I’m watching the video right now. It looks GREAT!


VERY cool to see you there!!! :cool:


I loved that Video, plus it’s one of my fav. Christmas Songs for Christmas, so that was great. I can’t imagine how exciting that would be to be there. I watched it and my eyes were tearing up just watching it, I miss it so bad!!! That was a great video! :mickey: :mickey:

Was it exciting to perform?