Hey Rich, or anyone going to F&W


Don’t forget your checklist. I really could have used one of these on all our F&W trips.



That’s pretty cool. Good find! Thanks for sharing it.


This would’ve came in handy instead of attempting to try and remember what all i’d eaten, not to mention trying to spell it. :happy:
I noticed FL and HI are there this year. The last one we went to it was LA. Are they allowing 1-2 states a year to participate now?


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1119516]Don’t forget your checklist. I really could have used one of these on all our F&W trips.


Thanks Cyndi.

In the past I have compiled all of the selections for each location and did a double sided, single sheet word doc printing for everyone. The problem was that by the middle of the fest it was lost, fell apart from getting wet, or had so many food spills that it was worthless.

This doc is 7 pages. Yikes. I will need to print out 6 copies so everyone has there own. Unless the WDW passport has each country listed (I copied the passport description below). It sounds like the Kidcot passport. If it has each country and the offerings listed I’ll go with it. If it is just a stamp for stopping it will not acomplish the job I need it to do.

The hard part is to remember to mark off what you have. By mid afternoon I’m usually so relaxed I forget to mark what I have tried.

Pick up Your Marketplace Discovery Passport
Visit the Festival Welcome Center or any Disney Vacation Club Information Center in the Park to receive your Marketplace Discovery Passport. Use it to travel to a world of flavors at all of the international marketplaces around World Showcase.
When you dine at an international marketplace, you’ll receive a stamp on your passport. Each marketplace has its own unique stamp design, so you can return home with a fun keepsake.


One of my first goals after I retire in, oh, say 20 years, I’m going to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival.


Awesome find! Thanks this will come in handy on our trip this year.


I think one needs to experience the F&W Fest in order to ‘enjoy’ the F&W Fest.

-You can experience getting to your car in the lot and realizing you need to leave it there when you can’t remember which button to hit on the key fob for the door lock to open the car.
-You can experience getting on the wrong resort bus
-You can experience that you really didn’t like the dish you just ordered… You know, the one you sampled after your 8th hour bouncing between booths the day before.
-You can experience the fact that copious amounts of red wine, white wine, home brew beer, scotch and tequila really DO NOT MIX WELL!!!
-You can experience that Viking hats are not a new fashion accessory (this one from another site).
-You can experience why some now refer to Soarin’ and “SPEWING”.
-And the list can go on for ever.


Can you get the Discovery Passport even though we are not DVC members?


DC has nothing to do with it. It’s for everyone. Grab one and have fun.