Hey Tinkerbell! Recognize this guy?


See anyone familiar in this pic??? :wink:


I got my pictures out and sure enough this is the guy that sang to our girls on our trip last September!!! What an awesome CM!!!


MickeyManic and inluvwithdisney… wow! y’all are so close to your trips!!! WOW!!!


i don’t have a picture of michael. :crying: but, hopefully, we’ll get him when we go to CP. he is a great waiter. he was so nice to me when rob and i had him during one trip. he kept calling me cute names like sweetheart and hon. he definitely made the visit to CP more enjoyable.


I know I can barely stand it!!! :pinch: :biggrin:


Me either!! The excitement is dang near killing me! :wink:

You know if I knew for a FACT that the weather would be nice (not super hot) and the crowds would be light, I’d be even MORE excited!!!



Can you request a waiter???



inluvwithdisney - Can you request a waiter???

You probably can. I think we’re going back to the Crystal Palace on our Sept. 29th trip…if I remember, I’ll take this pic and show him if he’s on duty! Gosh, this pic was taken SIX years ago!!!



oh wow!! yep thats him … I think you should request a waiter!!! wonder if he only works the lunch shift … mmmmm becareful …or like the girls stalking the candymaker …you will become known as the Crystal Palace Waiter stalker!!


Talk about anticipation! I’m going in so soon… SO soon… on my first trip! I’m about to die of anticipation!!!


LOL!!! I gues anything to make it more fun!!! :whistling

We had him last year for dinner!!!

This year we are going for breakfast!! Hope he’s there!! UH OH the stalker is coming out!!! :rolleyes:


lol well if your making a list you should add the candymaker (Miyuki) at Epcot to your list


I already added that to our TO DO list!!! LOL!!!


We’re doing our traditional “good-bye” lunch at CP in Dec…if I remember I’ll ask for him. Sounds like a good time!


lol he may go down in DC history as everyones favorite waiter/server at the CP …wonder what he will think of all the request for his table… or what the CP managers will think. you know … he has a pretty good singing voice :slight_smile: