Hey we're home!


Well we’re back! We got home around 7:30pm. Just finished unpacking. Noah woke up today with a wopper of a cold and now has a fever and he :blow: up all his tylenol and supper tonight before bed. :huh:
I have lots to share when I get the chance. I don’t want to put out any spoilers until I can share it all and get my pictures uploaded.
Just wanted to check in and say we are home.
Off to beddy bye.


I hope Noah gets to feeling better.welcome home. cant wait to here TR and see pics.


welcome back!! I hope Noah gets to feeling better soon. Can’t wait to hear about your trip when your little one is feeling better.


hope NOah gets better soon & you and DH don’t get it!’

Please don’t keep me hanging too long!! I gotta know if you got everything straightened out and had a great trip!!!


Welcome home!!! Hope it was everything you hoped it would be!!


hope Noah feels better quickly


Welcome back. We will be waiting for detials.


Welcome home… can’t wait to read your TR… spoilers… I like spoilers.


Welcome home, here’s hoping your son feels better soon. I’m leaving on Monday for Disney and I need that TR before I go!!!LOL


Aw, I am sorry Noah is sick! I hope he’s better soon, and welcome back! :slight_smile:


Welcome back! I’m sorry Noah is sick, I hope he feels better this morning.


Well Noah is feeling a bit better today, the fever is down a bit too.
I hope to get my trip report started soon. Our camera broke while away so I have a lot of disposable camera pictures to get developed onto a disc and I would like to post the pictures with the story. But I can probably start working on the first couple of days. Maybe while Noah naps today.

Ok so you wanted a few spoilers. Here goes.

We LOVED Pop! It was great. I really went into it expecting the worst and hoping for the best, after some things we read about Pop. But man, we thought it was great. I am so glad we didn’t upgrade, we were more than happy with everything Pop had to offer us. I’ll go into more detail later.

Noah, shy and frightened around characters…LOVED the BIG rides and I mean the big ones.

Trip of broken things…camera, sunglasses, spray fan, crocs.

Migraine from heck, ruined 2 full days for me.

Tour Guide Mike worked great for us.

Early to bed and early to rise, we were first at rope drop most mornings.

That wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is so much fun. One of my favourite things. I love that thing.

Worst dinner of the trip Boma.

Best, Le Cellier of course.:cool:

Best character meal…Donalds BFasaurus. Our server was great…reminded me of Carlo Rota from 24. Same accent and everything. He was so funny.

Year of a million dreams, but none for us. Oh well. We saw lots of people with those dream FPs though.

Break down on one of the major rides. We had to be taken off.

Ok well that’s it for now. I am off to get lunch for my little sick man. I will start resizing those pics and working on the TR later today.


Total teasers!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! So glad you loved the Pop!!


Cool! Dinner and a show! :cool:

Just kidding. :blush:

Glad you’re back. Hope he gets better, looking forward to the trip report. :wub:


Hey! I wondered when you were coming home- you have to read my trip report and see if you saw us there at all. I am fighting that same cold this morning- UGH! Give him a big hug and mug of soup!


Welcome back. So glad that your very first trip to our favorite place was a good one.
Pixiedust for Noah. Hope he feels better soon. :heart: