Hey Wish, or other late August veterans


Wish, I know you’ve made a habit of visiting WDW in late August over the years. I’ve never been in late August, only early August, years ago, which was a crowd level and hot weather nightmare.

But I know late August is a different story.

How bout some scoop on the crowd levels that last week before Labor Day.


We’ve never ran into any big crowds at this time, I really can’t explain it. The ONLY explanation I’ve ever been able to come up with is that the Florida kids are already is school and most up north kids are going back the day after that weekend. In fact, I am starting to notice more schools around here (including OURS :glare:) is now going back the day BEFORE labor day weekend.

Last year I clearly remember D and I saying how creepy it was that we were at MGM fairly early and we were like one of the only people walking around the whole back area by Muppets! It was the last day of our trip so it must have been the Saturday of the weekend before Labor Day.

Anyway, like I’ve said before, late August is just a necassary evil for me. I really hate that late summer Florida humidity and rain BUT walking around MGM nearly alone was awesome. Of course I’d rather go January or May but obviously it’s hard to take that much time off those months when you are a teacher.


We use to go all the time in late August, my son’s school did not open till after labor day. We really never ran into large crowds and never had to wait more that 15/20 minutes for any ride. Now that his school starts earlier we don’t have that option. We went in July last year (never again) this year I am taking him out of school for 4 days in October ( I’m bad) but I know he can catch up.


I wouldn’t say you’re bad at all, as long as he can catch up.

I look at it this way. I don’t remember any 5 day period of my elementary school years all that vividly. However the vacations we took as a family, I still remember as clear as day, and I still think about them even today. So in the big picture, the vacation you take with your kids will have more of a positive benefit in the longrun, than any missed few school days will have a negative one.


This first time we took Joey was the last week in August - 2003. We had a wonderful time and it wasn’t crowded at all. It is VERY EXTREMELY hot, though - but who cares! We can deal with a little heat! :heat:


Alicefan is trying to invent new smilies. :wink: (:heat:)

It truly is VERY EXTREMELY hot, and you should invest in those spritzer thingies for Mr. Jack. I would hate for him to be overheated and generally miserable as a result. Ya know what I mean?



When does value session start


I’m pretty sure it starts Sunday Aug 27th, but if I’m wrong someone will be around soon to correct me. :dry:


Yes, don’t you love being attacked when you make a wee little mistake! :laugh:


We went once in late August (right before Labor Day) and it was greats. Crowds were failry low, and I only remember one day that I felt like I was melting in the heat.


Wonderfully said! What a great family you must have. This is exactly why we make such an effort each year to get to Disney with our girls. When they were younger we used to take them all out of school and go in May, Oct or Nov. Now that our oldest is in High school we go during the last half of August (03,04,05 and again this year). Other than the weather, which we actually don’t mind too much (I don’t like being at Disney when it’s less than about 75 degrees - it just doesn’t feel right somehow) it is a great time to go. Our trips just keep getting better every year, and if our daughters say the same thing about our family trips as you said in your post, then I will be one happy mama. Thanks for a great post.:wub:


late August has been our time for the last few years since DD went to High school, towards the very end of August/beginning of September when all the Brits start to head home for school term to begin the parks are just great far less crowds, sure its hot and there is the afternoon showers to contend with but hey who cares time for a nap and a Lifetime movie! then back out there-last year we went in July and on one day MK was packed to capacity-next year DD goes to University and so we have from may to october to pick our time


Just so you know…Erin loves Alicefanorama, and that wasn’t an attack. If you were referring to my pickage of your typo. :wink: