Hey Wish, or other late August veterans


Wish, I know you’ve made a habit of visiting WDW in late August over the years. I’ve never been in late August, only early August, years ago, which was a crowd level and hot weather nightmare.

But I know late August is a different story.

How bout some scoop on the crowd levels that last week before Labor Day.


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We normally go in August. This year it will be the 20-27th. It is HOT! The crowds are manageable if you do early entry,fastpass, and pace yourself. It rains almost every day but only for about 20 minutes. We head out early every morning, go back to the resort about noon for a swim/rest, and then go back out around 4 or 5pm. It is the only way we can stand the heat.


Any other exp. stories or tips for going to Disney in late August?

Im heading down the 26-2.

What is the temp and humidity like?