HGTV looking for backyards to do Disney make overs


Howdy Friends.

I saw this today and had to login to post it. I hope someone from MB can win!

HGTV to transform 6 families’ back yards into ‘Disney wonderlands’

How would you like to have a Disney-inspired back yard? And I’m not talking about that Mickey gnome you bought at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival or a Pluto-themed doghouse.

“The designs will be spectacular and over-the-top, like all Disney projects,” said Jeni McArtor, a producer involved with a new television makeover series.

Home & Garden Television is looking for six families in the Orlando area who love Disney but hate their back yards. They must be willing to let HGTV designers work with a team from Walt Disney World to create outdoor “Disney wonderlands.”

Sounds tough, huh?

HGTV has a few more requirements:

** Back yards need to be fairly large: at least 20 feet by 30 feet.

** Children must be between the ages of 3 and 12.

** Families should have Disney memories to share and plenty of enthusiasm when doing so.

HGTV to transform 6 families’ back yards into ‘Disney wonderlands’ – A Mom and The Mouse – Orlando Sentinel



Orlando area? GRRRRRRR.


Orlando, Delaware?


Oh that sounds amazing! I love the water and topiary feature at DTD towards the car parking areas? The one with the huge Terracotta urns and topiary-beautiful- I’d love that Disney style theme in our garden.


I would definetly enter, but too bad I’m not in the Orlando area…I’m actually way out of the Orlando area! ha


me too, way way way out:laugh:


Well we have a number of MBers that do live in the Orlando Fl area and I hope one of them can enter.


Man to bad I am way out of that area I have a 330 by 400+ backyard I would love to see what they would do with that much space…


I meet all the criteria . . . except that I don’t live in Orlando. :frown: :laugh:


That would be fantastic! My backyard is a complete mess…


I was getting all excited…until I saw the whole Orlando area thing :frowning:


It’s not fair ppl that live in Orlando already have Disney World in there backyard, what do they need a disney backyard makeover for? They should have picked somewhere else like Canada, lol


I would love to have that done!


We can’t Pennsylvania playyyyy! That would be so amazing! I have 5 kiddos age 2-6 that would LOVEEE this! That sucks! :sad: lol. :blush: Everything else fits but the area!