As most of ya all know I’m going on my very 1st DVC stay in Dec. Since I’m driving I’m staying at Disneys Hilton Head for a night. I had a studio but today I was thinking about it and decided to upgrade to a 2 bd. 1 bd were filled. I did this because I’m thinking about going there for a weekend in may and july and wanted to have a feel for the rooms since I have 287 pts left right now. So I have a few questions…does hhi offer activities? Are the free? Do they have mickey soap? Lol! Thanks all.pics would be great if anyone has any


Hey there! HHI has tons of daily activities that they post on tip board. There’s capture the flag, goofy bingo, campfire, stories and activities with B’Lou Crabbe and Shadow. There is a great outdoor pool with relaxing hot tub, tons of bike trails and they have a shuttle that takes you accross the highway to the beach with it’s own beach house/pool and gorgeous stretch beach!

Here is out trip report from spring break 2007:



Bummer, my photo album is not up anymore on Kodak. I’m going to see if I can relink them.


Thanks so mmuch for the info. I either wanted to use some pts there for a few weekends in the summer or get ap’s for kids… I think I may just go to HHI for long weekends stupid question…do they have mickey shampoo and soaps?


not a stupid question… it is part of the magic… I would wonder the same thing.


I think they do because it’s a Disney resort. It’s a great resort. I grew up on Hilton Head so I can answer any questions you have about the island. And I used to babysit for a lot of families that stayed at the resort when I was in high school and I remember the rooms were very nice.
I have to say though that if you’re just stopping over for the night it’s going to be a little bit out of your way. The resort is about an hour off of I-95.
But here is a mini TR I did one day when I was bored at home!


thanks bella. when i get home im going to check out your link. im stopping at hhi on the way down for a breather. i guess its better than spending $ at the hojo when i haave sooo many pts to use. i actually called today to book 1 weekend in feb march april and may and the dates i choose were all filled for all the weekends. im going to keep trying


It’s probably smart to use points instead of paying for some crappy hotel I just don’t want you to be surprised about how far it is off the highway. Another plus is by the time you get to HHI you’ll be just about four and a half hours from Disney!


Awesome!! 4 ish hours! That’s what I’m talking about


My parents recently moved away but when they did live there we would always drive down to my parents and stay the night so we could get up at like 6 and be at Disney and all checked in before one! I loved that and wish we could still do it!


That’s great. I’m looking to leave HHI by 12 and be in disney by 5