Hi, and a Photo cruise question


Hi guys I haven’t been around for A LOOONNGGG time… My DS plays sports, one being football and also competitive Basketball and once it all begins in August my life ceases to exist… So needless to say I had no extra time to visit my friends here at MB. We are now down to just 2 basketball teams and one for my DD so life has settled down a little bit…
So anyway I hope you all are doing well and had a great holiday season.

NOW on to my question… We are heading [I][B]HOME[/B][/I] :wub:in May and then cruising in June on the Wonder. Last time we were on one of the cruises they were talking about doing photo pass on the cruises…Have they ever implemented that??


Not as far as I know, but we haven’t cruised recently. I would love to see that implemented though.


I would too. I think maybe the CM was just speculating!! Not sure, but we did hear it on the cruise in '07. I guess I was just hopeful!!:happy:


That would be great. A lot better than looking through the thousand of pictures on the wall. Plus you can print in the sizes that you wanted.

Big $$$ in cruise pics though…don’t see it changing.


I just read about this somewhere yesterday. (as soon as I find where I will post it here) It basically said something that this year they are going to have photopass on the ship which will allow you to view and buy your pictures while on board, it was not going to allow you to view the pictures once you get home on the website, however and it wasnt that far off till they were going to start that service… It’s driving me nuts where I read this at… Im off to start looking…


We went on the wonder in October '08 and they didn’t have a photo pass option yet. What they have is in the picture shop at the register area a viewing screen where you can view all your photos. They do this because they offer the picture packages and this allows you to take pictures all week long and then view and pick favorites. Couldn’t tell you any pricing-we didn’t opt for any packages. That was all they had when we went. Hope this helps. Happy cruising!


They have installed a photopass like option on both ships. For locations where they always take pictures (like the backdrops in the lobby) you can view those pictures on kiosks and decide if you want them printed. But all other locations are still all printed and put out on the walls.


Thanks for your post BaaBeE9

Do you know if guests have to order the Photo CD while still on board, or can you pre-order before you go, like at WDW and DL?

I presume that you get the photopass card just like at the parks, and you can come home, upload the card numbers, and then edit with boarders, autographs, etc. Can the photos be added to the same photo CD in conjunction with a trip during the same time to WDW?

Any other info you can share with us?


I dont think that you can use the “cruise photo pass” when you get home etc… I did read that they were working on that but it wasnt going to happen anytime soon… I hope thats not the case, but who knows…


There’s no actual Photopass or CD - all pictures have to be purchased on board.