Hi everyone! Newbie here


Just wanted to introduce myself: I am Lisa, and I am a Disneyholic :laugh:

Next trip set for May 7th for three nights to celebrate my 30th b-day. Then December for our Honeymoon :heart:

Looking forward to chatting with everyone!!


Welcome to MB!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! :happy:


Hi Lisa! Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you! Hope you’ll share your travel details with us!


Welcome and you are not alone in your addiction:laugh: Congrats on your upcoming nuptuals


Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Welcome to Mouse Buzz! Seeing your from New York, I need to ask the all important question… Yankee or Met fan? :laugh:


Hello Lisa,
Welcome to MB!! Hope you find all the great info you are looking for!!


Welcome! Everyone here is so great and helpful! I’ll be there in May also…can’t wait!


Hey Lisa!!! Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! :laugh:


Hi Lisa! Welcome to MB, your gonna love it :happy:


Welcome to Mousebuzz —A Christmas Disney Honeymoon – How wonderful! :wub:


Welcome to MB Lisa! You are in good company!


Welcome, I am a newbie, also!!



Welcome to both Lisa and sunnygal041 :smile:



The family and I will be there May 8th thru the 15th… Whoo-hoo :pirate:

Pssssst … ESPN just announced that this was my 500th post.
I’m a Big Cheese now!!! :laugh:


Welcome to Mousebuzz and congratulations on your wedding and birthday! Enjoy that honeymoon!!


Welcome Lisa!!! You are in fine company here. Hope you find your Disney needs and addiction taken care of on MB. :laugh:


Hello and welcome!!! :happy: