Hi from the Beach Club


Hey everyone!

We’re having a great time, the weather is good but hot and the parks are crowded but very manageable. Tonight was cool, I could have used a jacket or sweatshirt if I had packed one.

We went to MGM–HS–and loved the new Toy Story ride. It’s totally cool, so cool we rode it SEVEN times. We spent the afternoon in Stormalong Bay and went to Downtown Disney tonight.

I’m not making trip notes so I hope I remember things when I get home.


Hi DT!!!
I am glad to hear the parks are manageable…I cannot wait to get there already!


We did the P&P party the other night and basically walked on every ride we wanted to do. It was so great.


Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!! I’m glad to hear you loved TS Mania!! We loved it too!!

Can’t wait to hear all the details - and lots of pics I hope!


Wow! I am so jealous. Maybe I will just close my eyes and pretend I am in Florida too. With the humidity by Lake Erie today, it shouldn’t be too hard.


Great hearing from you Steph!! Seven times on TSM?? It must be awesome! Have a wonderful vacation.


Wow!! 7x that is AWESOME!!! I guess it is officially opened up and running!!

The weather has been hot . . . here in SoFlo we had a MAJOR RAIN STORM and it cooled things off a bit … . the next few days should be REALLY nice weather!!

Can’t wait to hear about your trip . … :wub:


Wow! sounds like the crowds are REALLY managable!



Did you go to see Tony Orlando?


Glad to hear you are having a good time. You are at my favorite hotel. Stormalong Bay is such a great pool to spend the afternoon at. I can’t wait to see your pictures and read your TR when you get home.


Sounds like a great trip so far, hope the rest is just as fun for you.


sounds like a great trip …


Hi! Cool that you’re able to check in with us!
Don’t worry about not remembering things for the TR. That’s why you’re taking lots of pictures to post! You ARE taking lots of pictures, aren’t you???
Have a great time!


you don’t have much longer, i can only imagine how excited you are getting.


The Beach Club?..Jealous


Wow, 7 times!! Glad to hear the crowds are manageable, and that the Pirate and Princess party was a success. Thanks for checking in with us! :slight_smile:


ohhhhh, now I am getting really excited about that new Toy Story ride.
Is it more for little kids or is it really adult fun too?


I would not even be able to explain it to you if I tried!!!

We are packing today!!! Seriously, we’ve had this planned out for weeks. Yesterday was Dave’s last day of work for the summer (YAY!) and today he is sleeping as late as he wants (he’s still asleep) and then we are packing!! All the laundry is done and I am ready to do it! I am trying to resist the urge to go in there and jump on him and tell him it’s time to get movin’!
And yesterday we rolled all our spare coins for extra spending money!! I can’t wait!


I’m right there with you, Bella. We got everything packed last night. Today I have to give the dog a bath and get him ready for the kennel and clean my house so it will be nice and pretty when I get home. The kids are driving me crazy. They’ve been bouncing off the walls all morning. I don’t know if I can take of whole day of this, they’re so excited they don’t know what to do with themselves. Then again, I’m sooooo excited too. I wish we could just get there already!


Ok, so what’s going on today? C’mon it’s already passed noon.