Hi guys! Haven't been around much lately but Guess What?


Hey, How’s everyone?I have not been on alot lately! Between work and my kids I feel like I have not had any time to breathe!

Anyway, I have exciting news! Our trip to Disneyland has been changed to Disneyworld and possibly another 4 day Disney Cruise! We would be going during a peak time for the first time:sad: But since we have been enough I am thinking we just will fast pass and enjoy WDW as it comes! As for the cruise, if we can pull it off financially, it is a go! I am very excited and have lots of planning to do!!:mickey:

I am looking for different things to try on this trip!! Any thing out there that we should look into that not many people seem to try or know about?

We will be going late July early August!


I think combining a trip to WDW with the Disney Cruise is a fantastic idea.

Sounds like it will be lots of fun! :mickey:


Sounds fantastic!!! Can I stow away?


Have a good time!! I’ll wave to you from the dock.


Have Fun !!, I can’t wait to book another DC. SKwak didn’t invite us:crying: on there up-coming trip.


That’s great news…

I am like you always have Disney on my mind…


Sounds great!


Nice to see you! Congrats on your upcoming trip!


Sounds ideal to me…except for the fact that I’m not going! :pinch: :laugh:


sounds like a great plan. The cruise is something I would like to do one year ( esp now that they are strating some European depatures in the next few years…). I would do it tomorrow, but it’s convincing my DH that takes the time!

P.s It’s nice to have you back!


Thanks guys! I cannot wait!!

It sounds alot like we are going to be doing basically the same trip as we did Dec 05!

WDW for 8 days and a 4 day cruise!! I am sooo excited!! Lots of decisions and planning to do!!:laugh: