Hi I am new question about coronado


I am going to coronado springs and am staying in a preffered room . Has anyone ever stayed inthe preffered room here and can you tell me about it ?

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I can’t really help you out on teh question, I am sure someone will be along soon that can, but I just wanted to say Welcome!


I stayed at the CSR last trip we went. I’m not sure if I stayed in a perffered room but they are typical Disney rooms. Here’s a layout of a regular room:

We stayed in another one because it had two double beds in one room and a pull out couch in another. It was huge and we loved it!


I just wanted to say HI and WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ!!!


I just wanted to say…

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[QUOTE=tytania;954083]I am going to coronado springs and am staying in a preffered room . Has anyone ever stayed inthe preffered room here and can you tell me about it ?

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Welcome! There is a whole thread dedicated to CSR around here somewhere, I’m sure someone will post the link, or you can look under resorts.

We love the CSR! They have newly decorated rooms with queen pillow top mattresses. The food court has lots of variety and the pool and awesome slide and pool bar. :wub: You’ll be happy with your choice.


Found the link: http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/wdw-resorts/45543-buzzs-csr-info-thread.html#post950870


Never been to CSR either, but welcome to Mousebuzz. There are many people who have been there who will come along and answer you though.


Welcome to MouseBuzz!


I love CSR!!! :heart: I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a preferred room, so I can’t help you there, but I just wanted to say that I think you made a wonderful choice in resorts! :happy:

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Oops I forgot to welcome you to mousebuzz! Welcome! Like I said I didn’t stay in a preferred room, I stayed in a suite which is totally wort the money if you have one! I don’t know if you care or not but it comes with a king size bed and a sleeper sofa, you will just have a little more room. Also I don’t know if you care or not but this resort is HUGE! I would see if it’s possible to get a more close up room cause you might be tired after the parks and have to walk all the way to the back of the resort to get to your room. NOT Fun! Good luck and welcome to Mousebuzz once again!


[QUOTE=tytania;954083]I am going to coronado springs and am staying in a preffered room . Has anyone ever stayed in the preferred room here and can you tell me about it ?

Thank you ,
Elaine[/QUOTE]CSR does not have preferred rooms, only water view and standard. If you have a waterview, that would mean you may end up with a view of the lake, pool, fountain or river. The rooms are in the process of being renovated and are about 50% done. All the cabana buildings are done, ranchos 6a & 6b and casita 4 along with the 4th floors in casita 1,2 and 3. They will be starting casita 5 in a few weeks. All buildings will be done by 10/2009.


Stayed there and loved the preferred room. I think CSR is a well kept secret at WDW!


Thank you all fo rthe warm welcome !!!

And to answer one question , no I did not make the crossstitch but loved it just the same lol

when I called and booked the room , I got a preffered room , they said preffered is closer to the front and has a lake view .

I was just wondering if it was worth the extra money to have thre room closer to the main building ?

I am glad now it seems because , as some said it is a vast walk to the back as I can see by looking at some websites .

I hope I get one of the rooms with the queen beds .

I read that some of the rooms were renovated from buzz’s post .

I have two children with me one boy , one girl , do you know if they have roll out beds ?

Just a question I am sure someone could answer , because I have no idea and the two are friends but I do not want them in the same bed since they are 11 and 12 .

It will be me and my boyfriend and the two children .

Anyhow if anyone knows let me know .

If not I can always bring our twin air mattress I suppose or maybe upgrade my room . Is there such a room you can upgrade too ?

Sorry I have so many questions .

Thank you all so much !


The roll away is a WDW mystery!?! :confused:

I called once, and was told YES they had them but they were limited and not available at value resorts. You should give reservations a call and see what they suggest.

As a child, I remember sleeping in a roll away when I would go WDW with my family, since it was my Mom, Dad, brother and myself. BUT, no one has ever posted that they asked and received one? Sooooo, I think you should give them a call and inquire. Disney is great at coming up with solutions.

CSR has really pretty grounds, and no matter where you are on the property, there are golf cart stops. They will pick you up and drop you at the front or by the pool etc.

You can always request a renovated room at check in . . . never hurts to ask. Enjoy your stay.



We have stayed at the Coronado (CSR) seven times and there is NO PREFERRED. I hope whoever you talked to didn’t not confuse the Coronado with the Caribbean. The Coronado does NOT have preferred rooms; the Caribbean (CBR) DOES have preferred rooms.

As Buzz said, you pay for either standard, water view or King. There is no “preferred” where you can be closer to the main building.

As for walking at the CSR, like the CBR, it is vastly overstated. We’ve stayed at the Contemporary and had just as long of a walk from our room to the pool or the food court from where our room was located. The only difference is the Contemporary is indoor corridors and the CSR is outdoor corridors. Truthfully, we prefer the outdoor walkways. I’m in Florida–I want to be out in the sunshine and enjoying the weather and not walking down a long, dark interior hallway.

As of now, about half the resort (or a little more is complete). The following sections are fully done: All of the Cabanas, half of the Ranchos (Ranchos 6A and 6B are done, they still have to do 7A and 7B) and part of the Casitas. In the Casitas, all of building 4 was completed this week; the fourth floor of Casitas 1, 2 and 3 are complete and they are starting on Casitas 5 when the convention coming in is gone. That leaves 4 full buildings and parts of three buildings to be completed. It takes about a month to complete each building. The rehab is scheduled to be completed in October 09.

Yes, there are rollaways for you to rent. You can also fit in an aero mattress if you want to bring one. You can ask for an upgrade, but realize that if you do that you may be expected to pay for it. In our seven stays, we’ve paid once for a water view; in five of the other six stays, we’ve been upgraded to a water view and, this past September, we were upgraded to a junior suite (we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary).

Hope this helps.