Hi! I'm new here


Hi! I’m laura9804 (jen9804’s daughter), and brand new to mousebuzz. :laugh:
I’m pretty much obsessed with anything Disney. I’m excited to be on a site that has so many Disney fans that I can talk to. :goofybounce:


:minnie:Welcome, Laura! So glad to have you here! I just love your mom, so I’m sure we’ll all love you too!


welcome - and yep we are all obsessed a little - well maybe alot.


Hi, Laura!
So happy to have someone my age on Mousebuzz!:mickey::happy:


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1063761]welcome - and yep we are all obsessed a little - well maybe alot.[/QUOTE] :laugh: It’s really great to meet people who are as passionate about Disney as I am. I love mousebuzz. :heart:
:mickey: :goofybounce:


Welcome to MB.


Welcome Laura, we’re so glad you’ve joined us!


hi and welcome your addiction will grow here:laugh:


Welcome to Mb:pirate: Im so glad I found this site too. Its nice to find a big group that shares in the Disney love=).



Welcome! You’ll fit in well!


Welcome to MB…we’re all a bit crazy here…for Disney that is :slight_smile:


Welcome to MB, the best Disney obsessed family on the net.


Welcome to the MB!


And I think we are all a little obsessed, in our own ways, with ANYTHING Disney! :wub:


Welcome to Mousebuzz!! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, opinion and experiences!


WELCOME!!! You’re going to love it here!


Thank you for all the welcomes! I’m really having fun here on Mousebuzz! :laugh: :mickey: :goofybounce:


Welcome to mousebuzz!


Welcome DD! I know you will have fun here!


Awesome!!! Welcome to our Disney home away from home. Glad you are joining us crazies. We love it here and I know you will love it. I am so glad more children are joining. I guess its time for my son to join to,he has been asking. anyway, Hope you love it here like all the rest of us do.