Hi- leaving on Wednesday morning


I miss you guys! I would write a book if I tried to catch up with all that has happened at work… and why I don’t have time to play as much anymore :frowning: but for now- I’ll just say I just caught up as much as possible!! and i miss you all! :wub:

Is anyone at the parks now? I’m curious what 72 feels like after having been in the cold for so long… Do I need pants for my kids if it’s 54 or so at night? gloves? or a light fleece and shorts? I didn’t realize how climate deformed we get with this chilling to the bone weather…

What are the crowds like? I see that this week is supposed to be low attendance but sometimes crowded??? Could that be right?

Thanks for any help as usual!!!


potentially just answered my own question about who’s there… I see no one is there at least no one who reported in the “who’s going” thread :slight_smile:


You know that we all HATE you right now. :laugh:

It can get pretty chilly at night. And with the weather moving through this week better safe than sorry. We saw 28 on morning in Dec. Layers is the trick.


It’s been chilly in the mornings & evenings, but it warms right up in the middle of the day, especially in the sun.

(Disclaimer: Florida native here, so my “chilly” may not be the same as yours. :laugh:)


Can’t answer your questions, but just wanted to say, have a fabulous time- I am so jealous and please try and find time to do us a TR with pics if possible, only so I can live enviously through your vacation in these awful depressing winter months lol!!!


Naw - who needs pants at night?


I’ll put it in Jersey for you emmy. You will need a light fleece for the kids at night and maybe some pants. Dress them in layers…take off said layers when necessary. 54degrees sounds perfect to me right now.


BTW: I totally hate you for getting to go to WDW while I am stuck freezing in NJ.:pirate:


having been there several times during this time of year, I would say have pants and a fleece to wear at night. It will seem cold. In fact, I have been there during this time when gloves on my hands would have been nice.

And, as you can see, I am from Maine. It gets cold here :wacko:

54 would seem like a heat wave right now and we would all be in shorts, but 54 in Florida at night with no sun, its chilly. And, really, there is nothing worse than being cold and miserable at the happiest place on earth.

And, as everyone else said. . .so jealous. . . enjoy your vacation!


Oh, I hope you get out or get around the storm!!! Good luck getting there and have a great time!!!

If you see a large Italian Family “Ianella’s Family Trip”, say hi from Kim:) They will look at you like you are nuts. A friend from work is there until Sat.

Have fun!!!