Hidden Disney in "Enchanted"


i watched “Enchanted” for the second time tonight with a friend of mine and something popped into mind for us to do as one of the many excuses to watch “Enchanted”: hidden disney. i thought, like hidden mickey’s, we would point out hidden disney things that we pick up in the movie. i’ll start.

in the scene where robert and gisele are at his work place and he tells his secretary to help gisele get back home, if you listen closely to the music in the background, you can hear an instrumental version of “Part of Your World.”


This is a great thread. I’m going to have to watch the movie again and really pay close attention (especially to the music reference from Little Mermaid). I had noticed all of the obvious ones but now I want to try and find something new!!


Did anyone notice that some of the actresses in the film where orignal voice for Disney Princesses. Jodi Benson (Robert’s secutary)-Ariel, Paige O’ Hara (the soap opera lady in the film)- Belle. And Judy Kuhn (the woman from the building with a lot of kids)- the singing voice of Pochantos.

I also love the name of the restaurant by Robert’s apartment building, “Bella Notte.” (the name of the song that Tony and Joe sing in Lady and the Tramp")


Do you have the DVD? In the special features, it identifies a bunch of tributes to animated Disney films.


DD2 tells me when bad guy turns tv soap opera, music from Alladin is playing.


I am going to watch the movie today and can’t wait to look for all the hidden disney moments.


Another excuse for me to go out and buy it! I remember a ton of Disney things in the little girls room, costumes hangin up an dolls about etc but wasn’t really hidden!


if you have the movie already, pay close attention to the end where Pip has his book signing. there is a certain character that I noticed that’s waiting in line the first time i saw the movie. i pointed it out to my friend the other night and she was so excited! i won’t say who it is until you guys see it for yourselves.


I love all the hidden Disney stuff in the movie… I watched it and kept pointing things out to DH that was hidden… We had a good laugh over it and seeing who can point out something else the fastest.


YES!!! Everyone MUST do this… to get to this part, click on the Mickey head on the Menu page!


What a great idea, I have to go and buy . . . can’t wait.


We bought on Amazon at a great price, can’t wait for it to arrive.