Hidden Mickey Check list - is there one?


So, my DD has recently become obsessed with hidden Mickeys. Is there anyway where to get like a checklist? I don’t want something that tells me exactly where they are just something that tells me to look for x number of mickeys in this attraction. Is there a such thing? Is the book good? Does it have something like this? Any info would be great!


IF you google Hidden Mickey’s you will find all kinds of sites about them. There is also a WDW & DL Hidden Mickey book available.


great book…


Have you looked at Hiddenmickeys.org they have some great tips andd fun facts about Hidden Mickeys and WDW.


I think I have that book and never read it! Thanks for reminding me! (I won it at MouseFest in 2006)


I have that book and it is very helpful and informative.

This site is helpful too.

Hidden Mickeys Guide : A Field Guide to Walt Disney Worlds Best Kept Secrets

Happy hunting! It is a favorite thing for our family as well. DD is the best hunter among us.


We have the book and it’s a lot of fun!