Hidden Mickey Ring


a friend of ours makes hand crafted jewlery and sells it on ETSY-
I thought you guys would get a kick out of this one since I instantly saw a hidden Mickey on it

Funky Splotches. Handpainted Art Ring. by AlloverArt on Etsy

if you like it and get it, tell Ruth that I sent you- LOL :wub:


Very cool! I :heart: ETSY.


I did not know what it was until Ruth asked me to “be a fan” of her page- I knew she made hand made and custom jewlery but did not know what ETSY was till then- There is only one of those rings but I told her that there is a big following for hidden Mickey’s so she may be inspired… who knows ?


A series of Hidden Mickey rings would be cool. I’ve never looked at the jewelry on ETSY before–I love purses, and I look at the bags on there all the time. I’ve never bought anything, but it’s a great concept.


I love the idea of Hidden Mickeys spreading. I built this little stool as an elevated coaster for my Tea, somehow a Hidden Mickey appeared underneath it…:closedeye I told DW a while back that when I build her new Kitchen cabinets (at this pace they are right on schedule to be delivered 3 years from never :huh:) that they would contain Hidden Mickeys. I’ll take more time with those and make them as an inlay with nice contrast. I didn’t expect DW to even find this one, but the first thing she did was flip it over and see it. Darn! The ones on the Kitchen cabinets will be much harder to find. I promise.


Very very cool! There should definatly be a line of Hidden Mickey Couture!