Hidden Mickey Tip


For those who care – whether to amuse people, or leave as part of an actual tip in some context or other, at Disney or not…

Did you know that two dimes and a quarter make a perfectly-proportioned three-circle Mickey head? It could be your own Hidden Mickey, esp if you’re leaving it as part of a larger tip for a cast member at a Disney restaurant.




Very cute idea!!! I am never very good at finding HM’s.


Great idea D-Bear! I like it! I shall use it! It shall become part of my life! LOL!


I drive the cub up the walls with it. :slight_smile: Actually I sometimes find it amusing to do this with plates and saucers and so on…


Great idea!
Love those hidden mickeys!


Heehee! I also do it with pancakes!


Larger tip?

You’re saying 45 cents isn’t enough :huh:


Save the 45 cents and use a slice of pickle and two halves of an olive.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Why waste food! Couldn’t I just draw it on the table cloth?


Hey that would waste ink and or lead…use a knife to cut one out of the table cloth.


If I just carved INTO the table, it would be a more lasting gift of thanks.