Hidden Mickey


I know Hidden Mickey’s are hard to find, and I wanted to share this one with you all. Notice that to right of the statue of Walt, is an almost impersceptible Mickey statue. He’s nearly invisible, but once you see the little guy, you’ll understand why the statue is called “Partners.”

Hope you can all see it!

Cincy, if you still need help with this one, PM me, and I’ll give you more detailed directions.


I feel so dumb. Why do I not get it? :huh:


Wait, wait… if I REALLY squint I can see it! YUP, GOT IT! Awesome Cavey, I’ll have to point out this hidden gem on our next trip! It will fool everyone, those dang Hidden Mickeys :tongue: :dry: :tongue: :pinch:


me either :confused:


Dang Cavey, you’re on a roll today, aren’t you? LOL!!


:laugh: :laugh: LOL!


OK people!!!

I see Mickey. Now…What am I missing?!
:pirate: :pirate:


sarcasm :tongue:


Very funny,Cavey!!!


Kippage…he is joking!!! It’s NOT HIDDEN!


I don’t see it…

I see the hidden Walt, but where is the hidden Mickey?



Yeah… I had to have it explained to me. You gotta work slow with me sometimes. :glare:

Now… someone go make fun of DayDreamer. He didn’t get it either. :laugh:


Daydreamer, if you look really close you might be able to see the hidden Castle behind the Partners statue



Hidden CASTLE?!??! WHAT? And all this time I thought that was a mirage! MAN! :cool:


haha wow Gamba, I was just going to point out the hidden castle, only those with highly acute Disney vision can spot that beauty!


I don’t get it! :biggrin:


:eek: … :mad: And I thought no one noticed.


Get what? :huh:


I found a hidden golf ball at EPCOT once :wink: but I never noticed the hidden castle at MK ;(


I worry sometimes that y’all aren’t taking your meds.