Hidden Mickeys at home


I think my daughters have gotten the Disney obsession gene from me. Friday while on our way to the zoo DD 6 pointed out that the windows on a building looked like upside down Mickeys and DD 8 just called me to the upstairs hallway to point out a flaw in the drywall that looks like a Mickey. Now mind you the one in the drywall is smaller than a smilie Mickey :mickey:

I just love it :wub:

Maybe we need to go back sooner than the trip in December


They are so smart…


and I thought my family was the only one :wink:

We see “Hidden Mickeys” all the time in our daily life, it’s sick and sad, but we LOVE it


Us too, my kids are always pointing out things they think are hidden mickeys.

I actually surprised them one day, I added a fish to our fish tank that has a mickey head on his tail. Of course, they named him Mickey.


I think that it is so clever of disney to do this… it creates a little remembrance of disney, any time you see it… of course that is a marketing ploy, but still fun.

We find stuff all the time… and I celebrate it with them. They are really using their imagination to see it and yeah… they are paying attention to the details…


Glad to know we aren’t alone. My 13 year old DS was making hidden mickeys with his pickles at dinner last night.:laugh:


My boys do this with pepperoni slices.

I found one on my counter, it was disguised as a coffee stain.:ph34r:


We also look for hidden Mickeys at home;)


There’s a basket in the office where I work at and there are holes in the basket that look just like hidden mickeys! I told some co-workers this and they thought I was crazy…lol (they all know I have a disney obsession)


My DD does it too! And she makes her own in school with paint, crayons, etc… :blush:


When moving into my house and while we were painting I’ve been looking for chances to make hidden mickeys, no luck yet! When I paint on canvas though, for school and art, I always add a Hidden Mickey! :wub:


We find them all the time. It’s funny because we don’t look for the really, we just happen upon them. I posted a pic of one my DS found in his Spaghetti O’s once.

It is so much fun!


My friends crack up at how my DDs can find hidden Mickeys everywhere we go!


That is so funny! We do that at home too! My daughter (8) is always the first to point them out.


Happens all the time with my family also. DD 16, DS 20 are still seeing Hidden Mickeys from our visit in July '08. It doesn’t matter how old…Disney affects!!!


We also have a hidden mickey at home. It is our cord to our laptop,:laugh:


My DD doesn’t do it, but I do:blush::laugh:


the bubbles on the front of a Mr Bubble bottle are an upside down hidden mickey…DD5 found it!


We were admiring the lovely cactus garden at the Ethel M chocolate factory in Las Vegas and DD spotted this one. The proportions are perfect, but she was pretty excited.