Hidden Mickeys in your house?


I thought this might be a fun thing for people to share with one another.

My husband gets a kick out of making his own hidden mickeys when he is doing home improvement projects. For example, he has hidden a blue painted mickey behind one of the cabinets in the kitchen. He always gets a kick out of knowing someday, someone will find it. Do you have any stories of hidding mickeys? or maybe you just found one on your grilled cheese! LOL I would love to hear them.


When we painted our daughters room before she was born I painted a “Mickey Shaped” Cloud on her ceiling. It is not a traditional Hidden Mickey but more the profile.
I placed it right above where her changing table is.


My wife does things like that. I’ve finished the basements in our last 2 houses and she likes to put HMs and write love notes to our kids on the insides of the walls, under the flooring, etc. Then we take pictures of them to show the kids when they grow up. Yeah, way goofy, but it makes her happy! :wub:

And like you say, it’s kind of cool thinking that someday, someone might take up the flooring or cut into a wall and find evidence that she was there. :tongue:


We have a hidden mickey oil spot on our driveway! And there is a hidden mickey on our deck too. I never thought about actually placing them throughout the house on purpose though. I might have to do this now. Its a cute idea!


We have a hidden mickey on the shelf in our dining room. When you enter the room from the front door the angle makes a collector’s plate and two hanging doggy ornaments look like a hidden mickey. When you look at it from any other angle in the room you can’t see it.
Pretty cool…

Here is a picture from the angle walking into the room…


Wow, Wishuponastar, that is very creative!!!


I don’t have the tradional hidden mickeys in my house, but I do see there every where I go…like on the boxes at work and stuff like that. Sometimes I draw them while I am on a conference call or at a meeting that is taking far to long like today.

I also put them in everyone’s name who has a “i” in their name when I do the scedule.


Um… I created a hidden Mickey when I put down a third glass of water on my computer table… so I’m a slob, but I’m making the magic. :mickey:


I’m off to take pictures! I have 3 accidental ones that appeared at my house over the years!


I can’t wait to see your pictures Erin!!! I love hidden Mickeys!!!


Yes Erin, put this new camera to good use!!! hehe!


love it. :heart:


What an original accidental hidden Mickey


COOL pic Wish!!!

Erin take those pics, I wanna see…:wub:

I’ve already shown y’all my hidden mickey’s in an old thread…


Recently, my DD spotted a HM in a bowl of spaghettios. I know that one is not that impressive since all they are all “o’s.” But she was very impressed with herself and it was then that I realized I had passed something fun that we could share. I even took a picture of it. We look for HM’s everywhere we go now.


That is so cool!!! It’s so awesome to see kids to have fun with the same thing us old folks do (ha ha).


I have discovered two in my bedroom! One is on a patterned picture frame and the other is on an earring holder! :cool:


Ummm…did Erin get lost taking the pictures?




Ok probably not a hidden one but one day after a long day of work when i get home my DGF left me this with a note.
sorry for the quality i just snaped the pic in a hurry to call her LOL :laugh: