Hidden Mickeys?


Can someone fill me in on the details about the “Hidden Mickeys” and the book that I need to buy?? My husband & I are leaving in 4 days to take our two daughters, and it sounds like something they would LOVE!! (ages 9 and 5). Thanks! :excl:


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I have a book by Steven M. Barrett (Simply titled Hidden Mickeys), but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to try it out at WDW yet.Will you tell me if it is useful or not if you get it?


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My dd is 23 and is absolutely addicted to Hidden Mickeys!

You can pick up the book in ANY gift shop in WDW.

“Hidden Mickeys” are found all over the parks and the resorts. One example: If you look at the banquet table in The Haunted Mansion, you can see that one of the place-settings is in the shape of Mickey. One dinner plate makes his face and two smaller plates make his ears. Hunting for the Mickeys is a lot of fun!

Hope your vacation is great and full of Hidden Mickeys!


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This is a great book to help you find all of them. You can buy it in most of the gift shops at WDW.


I have this one.


Interesting story behind this one…

According to our VMK Insider Tour Guide a few months ago, this is not an official Hidden Mickey. The HM Cast Members move the plates to make the Mickey and when the Imagineers do the Show Quality ride-through, they move it back to the way it is supposed to be, then when the Imagineers leave, the HM CMs put it back. She said it has become a long running tradition to keep changing it back and forth! :tongue:

Always keep an eye out for Hidden Mickeys, not just in the parks, but in EVERYTHING Disney does. I have heard of many being hidden in movies. In fact, The Lion King 1 1/2 actually has a Hidden Mickey Quest special feature where you watch the movie and try to catch all of the Mickeys. It’s awesome how well they hide these!

BTW, I have that book too! :biggrin:


Yes - I read that. Actually it’s in the book, lol.


Great book! It’s the one I own as well! I picked it up after our last disney Cruise, and it’s coming with us on our next one! :happy:


Searching for Hidden Mickeys is…
addictive!!! :mickey:


Thanks to you all!! We will definitely buy the book and let you all know how our hunt goes!!


Have fun with it! My 8 year old loves finding hidden Mickeys and I see him only getting more interested in them as her gets older.

Have a magical trip!


There are also many hidden mickey’s that are not in the book. DD founf one in Mickey’s House. In the living room, the popcorn bowl is filled with mickey shaped kernels.


Especially when you come home, and are still searching for them …EVERYWHERE!! :tongue: :wink: