Hidden Mickey's!


Ok, so a couple of years ago, I was at WDW and I found a hidden mickey. My mom had told me and my brother to look out for things that were shaped like Mickey Mouse. I noticed that the popcorn that was on the coffee table in Mickey’s house was actually shaped like Mickey! The website that confirms hidden Micky’s has been down ever since then, and I’ve been so disappointed because in order for a hidden Mickey to become official, two people have to see it and post it on the website. My mom had bought a book that listed all of them that ahd been discovered before, and I was the first one to discover the popcorn one. If I had gotten into the website, and posted that Hidden Mickey, all I would need is one more person to see it, and post it before it would become official. I was just wondering if anyone else has found any hidden mickey’s.:confused:


Oh yes. This is a favorite game of ours. My DD is the best as spotting them, but DS is quickly catching up to her. If you check out my multiple TRs (including the recent one I just posted) I have posted pics of many of the HMs we have found.

The book is a great resource I don’t know if this is the website you were referring to, but I like to check in on this one from time to time.

Hidden Mickeys Guide : A Field Guide to Walt Disney Worlds Best Kept Secrets

This is a fun pastime for when you are waiting in lines.

Happy hunting!