Hidden Mickeys


So yesterday I got the Hidden Mickeys Guide to WDW book. I’m AMAZED that there is over 700 hidden mickey’s all over Walt Disney World!!

The next time we go to WDW I’m taking this with us and checking off the hidden mickey’s. I’m very excited!!

Oh and does anybody know when the next edition is coming out? I have the third edition(from 2007).

Thank you!


We have this guide too, but we have yet to use it at the parks. Each time we go, we intend to do it, but, forget or get caught up in something else.


Our family has a contest to see who can find the most hidden Mickey’s. You should do this game and keep the book away from everyone, this way your family will think you are the worlds best dectective. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


:laugh: I would, but I was with my parents when I got the book. They’ll know when I’m cheating.


I wonder if you could find all 700 in one trip? now theres a challenge!


I was looking at his website today, and there are new ones. Check out hiddenmickeysguide.com. You will be amazed at what you see…


My in-laws got us the Hidden Mickey book for Christmas, too bad we didn’t have it when we were there in early Dec.


It’s probably possible. There’s an index in the back of the book, so just look up the ride that you’re about to go on. The clues it gives you, to me, are good.


I’m not a cheater because I have ZERO poker face but it was a fun joke to play on the boys who think they are right about everything.


DS (10) got this book from Santa this Christmas. He and his brother are already planning which one’s they’re going to look for. Do the clues make them pretty easy to find? I’d hate to see them disappointed if they can’t find any of the ones they’re looking for!


We have the book guide and have used it a few times. It is fun trying to find them when you are waiting in lines for an attraction. Keeps everyone busy and the time seems to go fast.


The clues kind of point you in the right direction, with out giving them away.

For Example:

For the TTA, there is a hidden mickey in the scene where the robot is getting her hair done. But it doesn’t tell you exactly where it is.

I know what they’re talking about, but haven’t really looked at that scene.