Hidden Mickey's


Share your best hidden Mickey discovery.


I don’t know if it’s much of a secret but we like this one in the Toy Story queue.


My favorite was the one in the walkway as you entered the former Contemporary North Garden Wing. Noticed it as a youngster and always knew I was in WDW when I crossed over it when we brought our kids back. Now it’s gone forever for the construction of some crazy building called BLT… or something like that. :mad:
Gone but not forgotten.:wub:


We noticed in the Captain EO movie, as the space ship is going away from you, the engine makes a Hidden Mickey!


My favorite is the bamboo “tube” pieces going up the stairs in the Great Ceremonial House in the Poly. A few of the pieces make the Mickeys. I always smile when I see those for some reason.


Thanks all!

We now have things to do between attractions.


Sadly it will be closed when we are there.


Anybody here use the Hidden Mickeys iPhone app? I didn’t want to pay $5.99 for it, but then again, that’s less than the updated book (and saves paper). Just curious if it’s worth it.


I like the one in Soarin’. It’s in the golf ball scene. When he hits the golf ball, there’s a Mickey head! But I also like the one on Rockin’ Roller Coaster. On the license plate, there’s a small Mickey head on the bottom right hand corner. :happy: Its really neat!