Hidden Mickeys


For many year my family and I have hunted hidden Mickeys everywhere. I am collecting photos and creating a photo book when I get enough.
Here are a few of the photos.


Here are some more


Love it!! We are always on the look out as well! You can find Mickey everywhere!
Great pictures!


and even more


These are great!


Too cool…thanks for sharing!


I now have all my friends and family texting me photos when they see hidden mickeys too! Its a great way to share my love for Disney.


So cool. I will have to share your pictures with my kids. They love to search for Hidden Mickeys! Thank you for sharing!


aw I love them!! What a great idea! :happy:


That’s so cute. My DD points out anything to me that is 3 circles. It doesn’t even have to be in Mickey head shape… just 3 circles that are close together and she calls it Mickey. The other day she ran into our study to tell us that Mickey was broken. I kept wondering what she was talking about because none of her ‘Mickey’ things are down here so I went into her playroom and asked her to show me. She started pointing at an old tall speaker we have down here and said with so much worry ‘Mickey broken’. Turned out that the fabric cover fell off and she could see the 3 circles. Poor child needs a trip to Disney! LOL


I love the bubble hidden mickey that is just so cool and it looks perfect!


The bubbles are my favorite too!!


So sweet! I love my Mickeys too!


We have been collecting more Mickeys!!
Corn Maze, my moms watch and some berries.


My daughter found one in her pepperoni pizza, rock wall and a serving plate.


My daughter and I played mancala and found a Mickey


I LOVE this! Can’t wait to start capturing hidden mickey photos of my own!


This is so neat, I have never hunted for hidden mickeys. But now I have seen there are Mickey’s everywhere. Thank you for sharing.



I feel the same way!


I am always telling my family I see hidden mickeys all over the place.I never thought of taking pictures of them.Thanks for sharing them.I’ll have to remember to always carry my camera with me.