Hiddin mick book alive or not


any 1 still do





Hidden Mickey’s is into at least its third edition and is available in many WDW gift shops, plus your local Borders and Barnes & Noble.


You just reminded me about these!! I think I might pick up the newest edition and check them out next trip!


There is an iphone app for that too!


Just saw it at Barnes in Nobles a few or so ago.


UGH!!! Reasons like that is why I NEED an Iphone!! I should have just bought one a month ago and not asked DH!!


You can get a 16G 3Gs at wall mart for $97…if they still have inventory. Apple is going to release the new iPhone next week so they are dumping inventory.




:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


That’s good to know, but it isn’t the price of the phone he is complaining about, it’s the service contract I would need. We now use Metro Pcs and it is CHEAP!! Going to At&t would double it!!


I hear that. We would have a hard time justifying the cost if we didn’t write it off as a business expense.


While I don’t have an internet enabled phone, I have been with ATT (and its predecessors) for 20 years now, same account as day one (proudly puffing out chest). We have two lines and pay about $80 a month. I’m also far enough along that I can drop the contract at any time without penalty because I’m well outside the 2 year mark.
While Tigger can’t live without his iPhone ( I know this for a fact), I still resist getting an internet enabled phone and adding another $10 a month to our bill, or $20 if we both replace our phones and enable internet. I know one day, I’ll cross the Rubicon, but until that day, you can call me a luddite. (As I post this using the 12th computer I’ve built).
I think part of the reason is, if I do get an iPhone or Blackberry, it’s going to be like crack and I’ll be surfing all the time.


can we return to topic



While Tigger can’t live without his iPhone ( I know this for a fact),


It is true I love my iPhone :laugh:


Not sure what you are looking for, but as said before the Hidden Mickey Book (I believe 3rd adition) is available when you visit the parks. Try the gift shop outside the gate at MK or I would say any gift store in WDW. If you are looking for Passporter’s WDW Treasure Hunt Books, join the crowd. They sold out in 2008 and were promised for the spring of 2009. As of yet they are still not available. I check with them every now and then but they have stopped responding to my emails. I hope it will be available sometime soon, but am not holding my breath. Last time I checked you could get a used one for around $80 on amazon. I plan on waiting it out, since they sell for about $12 new. Your best bet is to pick up the Hidden Mickey Book when you visit the parks next time. Good Luck!


Well, you sure had a hard time putting it down at dinner at Spoodle’s:laugh:


Yeah I have entered a 12 step program for that…many many times. :redface:



What WAS the topic anyway?

hiddin mick book alive or not
“any 1 still do”

I mean your opening post is either the height of cryptography requiring us to decode it or an example of texting shorthand that doesn’t work in a forum.
Which is it?
We answered your question very quickly or do you want to turn this into “Where did you find a hidden Mickey”?
What do you want?

You asked, we assume, about hidden Mickeys books and somebody posted there’s even an iPhone app for finding them now. Discussions sometimes go off on a tangent.

Sorry if Dave and I are ragging you a little.
If you want to bring your thread back on topic, bring it back on topic.
In other words, don’t just stand there, do something. Communicate with us.


Very nicely played Soundgod!

Anyway yes I still do the hidden mickey thing when there are long lines or people watching but I am not exactly dedicated to it.


I think you forgot to add the word “coherently”.