High School Musical


Not sure if any of you caught “High School Musical” yet on the Disney Channel. I had no intentions of watching this movie and didn’t understand why there was so much press. DKids started watching it and before I knew it I was on the couch watching too. (and I very seldom watch any TV). I thought it was a great movie!!!

DS downloaded the soundtrack from itunes and I especially love the “Breaking Free” song.

I thought it was a sweet, feel good movie. Anyone else see it???


I’ve never even heard of it - I’ll go see if there is a website for it right now :smile:

Sounds like something I’d like - seeing as I am totally obsessed with Broadway!


Okay, I checked out the website and watched the trailer and it looks really good! (for a TV movie)
I’m not sure if I really liked the singing, it was too “pop” and not enough “braodway” but I guess the targer-market for this movie is pre-teens so thats the sound they’d like more, I hope they bring it to DVD

(I also took the quiz on the site and I am most like Troy for those wondering :laugh:)


We have watched it several times! My kids have anyway. It was pretty good.


We watched it with Ds (4 yrs old) the first time it was on. We made it a family night…popcorn with extra butter, drinks, lights turned down, and everyone crashed on the couch. We all thought it was a cute movie. DS loved all the songs in it. He was singing “Get’cha head in the game” throughout the entire movie. And the next day DS and his 8 year old friend were outside under the basketball net, basketballs in hand, trying to do the routine in the movie that goes with that song. DS has been asking for the cd for his karaokee machine and has been wanting to see the movie again. It is on tonight at 8pm but too late for him on a school night.


It looked dumb to me…sorry for any of you who liked it…but the disney channel can now officially be called…the TEENY BOPPER CHANNEL…I mean I was flipping channels one nite and they actually had a countdown going for it…I mean come on now…what ever happened to (Disney after Dark, Zorro, All the good movies they use to show…not all these extreme sport movies where the little kids face breaking up friendships while trying to bake a cake at the same time) come on now…


Oh I loved that Disney after Dark! We used to watch that all the time. I really miss it! :crying:


I thought the movie was pretty cute! I didn’t have much interest (even though I’ve enjoyed most of the Disney Channel original movies), but my co-worker said she bought the soundtrack for her kids. She has a four year old and a fourteen year old and they both love the songs.

It’s worth watching if you catch it!


We also bought the soundtrack, I wasn’t crazy about the songs but my kids sure were!


My kids loved this movie, and Sissy has been singing the songs non-stop. We printed out the lyrics, and that’s all I’ve heard for weeks, really!

Great movie!


It was an OK movie. I mean it had its up and downs. The songs wre pretty good though I like them.


ReRun of High School Musical…Monday night 8pm


Thanks! Mondays are rotten TV nights, so I’ll try to remember to get DS to watch it.


All the kids at jr. high are talking about it! I just set the Tivo to record it this Monday night at 8 p.m.