Highlights of our trip!


Since I have been sick and started school, I never got around to do doing a true trip report so I thought I would share some highlights from our trip-8/12-8/16.

First of all the heat and humidity was very hard to get used to, but we did after a couple of days and spending $50 for 3 mister fans. Mind you, my kids lost interest in those after the 2nd day, so my DH and I used them and shared with the kids.

We have always gone a t busy times of the year, with our last time being over spring break 2005. So the crowds were wonderful to us. We did just about every ride in MK except HM which was still closed for refurb, much to the dismay of my boys who wanted to do it so badly.

I got such a kick out of watching my DD enjoy the magic and wonder of Disney and I love watching young children at Disney- their eyes just light up at everything.

My DD discovered that Dumbo was her favorite ride and let me tell you, we rode it PLENTY of times!! She also loved the Nemo ride at Epcot that we rode that several times also!

My DS6 was chosen to participate in the Pirate tutorial with Jack Sparrow and let me tell you- this MADE HIS YEAR!!! He is such a big pirates fan- the biggest there ever was and he couldn’t have been more tickled when Jack Sparrow pointed at him and invited him up to become an apprentice pirate. He got a certificate and everything, so I promised to buy a really cool frame to put it in! So he thinks he is a real pirate! he walked around with a smile on his face the rest of the trip! I wanted to cry- I was sooo happy for him! I looked for a pirate frame at Disney, but couldn’t find any that would fit his certificate.

My DS8 rode every ride possible with his fave being EE! He loved it! I was so happy that he got a chance to ride it! He also hit all the mountains in MK and TT and Soarin’ in Epcot! He is such a thrill junkie! He will talk about this trip for a long time coming- which will be hard to beat because his first grade teacher made a comment at his parent/teacher conference (6months or so into the school year) that our spring break trip, which we took when he was in K(almost a year earlier) made quite an impact on him because he talks about it all the time and writes about it everyday in his journal!

All the meals were wonderful! I am so glad we did the dining plan! Never again will go to Disney without it! The only meal I would not do again was the H&V character meal. The characters that my DD wanted to see the most, June and JoJo, kept skipping us and we finally had to say something to one of the character helpers because my DD was the reason why we chose this meal.

It is a joy when your kids are so good for a whole trip- the magic of Disney! They did not argue or throw fits- it was a nice trip!

We got to spend a whole day at AK, and that is something that we haven’t done before! We enjoyed the shows and the sights. We took our time here and we did just about everything but Kali and that was okay because it drizzled on us for about 20 minutes. Enought that we cooled down, but not enough we pulled out the umbrellas. It was the only rain we had all week except I think a quick shower came through while we were eating at O’Hana’s. Never mind, I lied:blush: It did rain a little when my oldest DS and I were at the POR gift shop, and that was all. Only 2 rains that we got caught in.

My DD was called princess everywhere we went and she ate it up! It was so nice to see her in all her glory!

My boys loved the Pirate Cruise at the GF! They loved their treasures and even shared them with their sister! They had a good time and it was worth the money!

We loved our resort! We stayed at POR in AB and it was lovely! I loved it! The resort was full, but we hardly saw anyone except at the main pool, but even that was not bad! We would love to stay there agin, but I think my DH feel in love with the Poly! Fine with me-- Gee If I have to stay at the Poly over a mod, I guess if you twist my arm! He just wants to be closer to O’Hana’s- he really fell in love with that place. WC was his second love!

I was really surprised at the size of WC restaurant. It was a lot smaller than I imagined! We fell into the ketchup trap here! Actually, we knew about it and my odest DS wanted to do it so bad! So, we did and ended up with about 15 bottles on an already packed table! We didn’t have them for long though!!

We toured through WS on a Friday afternoon and it was DEAD! It was wonderful ebcause it is my second favorite place to be besidees the MK. We took our time on the countries we really wanted to see! My DS8 discovered Pokemon at the Japanese gift shop so we did spend a lot of time there!

We were awarded a dream- small one, but, nonetheless, it was a dream! Our third day we were at MK in line for Buzz (another DD fave!) and the dream team was at the end of the line passing out lanyards with 2 YOMD pins on them- so all 5 of us got one! This is how the pin craze started on our trip for my DS8! He was all about the pins after this- he ended up with about 6 or 7 cool pins- he can’t wait to go back t o start his trading!

I think this is about all I can think of at this time. I will put some more thoughts together and post some more later!!

If I knew how to resize photos, I would post them- I’ll play around with it and see what I come up with!!


Sounds like such a great trip! I hope to see some pictures. Thank you for sharing.


Fun! Thanks for sharing the highlights. I’m glad to hear the pirate cruise was a success. Please share where to find the pirate tutorial. I hadn’t heard of this previously.


The pirate tutorial was right outside the POTC ride! We were in the gift shop and heard something goung on and we realized it was a “show” of sorts so we went over. It was cute! It was Jack Sparrow and another pirate and they did somefun interaction with each other and then invited a child to come and sword fight and then they picked several kids to come up and become honorary pirates!


can’t wait for pictures!! glad to hear it was a great trip (& you got a dream)!!


Cool! That sounds like fun, even more so because it was an unexpected bit of interaction. Glad they chose your DS for the honor!!! :cool:


I’m going to attempt to post a picture-we’ll see!

Ok- this will work! This is the kids right after check-in at POR!


Oh, I am glad to see your trip report. I think I would go with your DH’s wishes too (just this once :laugh:) and stay at the Poly :closedeye


It sounds like you and your family had a really good trip.


Your kids are cute and your trip sounded great. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you! It was our best trip yet!!:heart:


Here are 2 pictures from the pirate tutorial! First one is Jack Sparrow and one of his crewmembers!
Second is my son after reciving his honorary pirate certificate and after taking his pirate oath!:pirate: He’s in the grey tank and red shorts.


Our first trip to the MK on the ferry! They were soo excited!


I cannot wait to see the tutorial!! we saw captain Jack briefly last trip (we were just out of line for captain hook & walking away & heard yelling. we turned around and saw Captain Jack running from someone & he turned and ran into a back exit of sorts. he was so awesome!! and that was all of 25 seconds!!!)! we saw him in the parade too, but this will be awesome!!


First ride:



First Disney dinner:


It was good and as I said earlier, my DH wants to stay at the Poly for this restaurant alone.
(Okay, maybe he did like the deocr, but he LOVED this meal!)

Some dinner and entertainment:


Not looking so good for our trip to MK!:ohmy: Maybe we’ll have to eat more dessert!:heart:


Luckily that storm blew over pretty quickly and we had a good evening at MK!

The sky after the storm (notice the crowds- they were not bad at all!)
And the kids and I right in front of the castle:


Great pic’s. I’m glad that your family had a good time.


Your kids are adorable! I LOVE that picture of them in the teacups!