Hike Animal Kingdom


This is pretty cool. Disney announced today that they are designing a special experience for guests who want to get off of the beaten path and actually hike through the Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Details are still being worked out, but it sure sounds like a fun and special experience!

New Adventure at Disney?s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will have Guests Trekking into the Savannah Disney Parks Blog


Wow this sounds awesome, I would love to do this!:happy:


I want to do that!!! I hope it’s an option if/when we go in December! :wub:


This is VERY cool!!


This is so cool. My DD Kennedy would especially love this!


I would LOVE to do that and on the way tickle that lion behind the ears, yousaaaa


I hope you are kidding about tickling a lion!:laugh:


Well, the user name is “Dopey” :laugh:


This sounds so cool! I really hope this happens!


That sounds like a lot of fun. My DH and I are staying at the AKL in NOvember and are doing the Safari. Has anyone done that? Did you have fun?


This sounds very cool.

Jill I heard that the safari is going to get a major overhaul soon. Any insider news?