HILARIOUS YouTube video of Peter Pan characters at EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival


I found this HILARIOUS 2-part video of Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, and Smee at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival on YouTube! Peter and Wendy fight Hook with balloon swords, and really get into character like nothing I have ever seen by any characters in the parks!
:biggrin: :laugh: :peterpan:

Here are weblinks to Part 1 and Part 2 of this video:

Part 1: YouTube - Wendy and Peter Pan
Part 2: YouTube - Wendy and Peter Pan part 2

Enjoy! :mickey:


What fun they were having! Thanks for sharing.


I would have love to have been there that look like so much fun.


These people have terrific jobs! They obviously love what they do!


It’s a No Fly Zone… duh!


Wendy’s crazy… that would be so much fun, to just get to play around at the parks and get paid for it…

I’ve always prefered the talking characters… they’re so much more fun, and every once in a while, you get the really sociable ones. If I were ever a character, I would be talking nonstop… hehe.


Hey hey hey! ALL the characters CAN talk. If you ever watch a parade you’ll see Mickey, Goofy, and a whole bunch of others talk! The only reason they don’t all talk when meeting and greeting is because we…I MEAN THEY…are saving their voices for the shows, parades, film shoots, etc. THE CHARACTERS ARE REAL HA HA HA HA!!!


Cute :smile:


Very cute. What a fun job!! Thanks for the link.


makes me want to be there even MORE! Thanks for sharing them. Great fun!


Spoken like a true GOOFY. I mean RowdyRaider :laugh: :laugh:


I wish every character had such great interaction.