HillBilly Deluxe "Cars" Premiere!?


Start your engines this is the coolest thing I’ve heard next to my being in Disney when the movie opens nationwide!!!


Any SC/NC residents care to put up a few hundred of your closest DC friends!

I would love to go to this!


Not one Nascar fan thinks this is worth commenting on . . . . Geesh I thought we had some rednecks here.


That has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard. I SOOOOOO wish I lived closer…


My town will go crazy. I live two minutes away from that speedway. :slight_smile: The speedway as a giant theatre, that is so awesome! I went to the race last May and DH & I got to drive two of the drivers around the track, because of the company he works for. Ok, enough bragging now. :angel: