Hilton Head DVC Resort?


Can anybody discuss their experience at the Hilton Head DVC Resort? DW and I are contemplating a 5 day stay next July with some “extra” points, but aren’t really sure what there is to do there other than beach/pool. We can do a beach/pool summer vacation much closer to home (Cape Cod is always a favorite.)

So I’m hoping somebody can sell me on whether we should go or not…

Thanks in Advance,



I love Hilton Head. We have been twice, the last time was this year in March. We had a blast both times. We went with just adults the first time, and with our kids the second time. The resort is great, just fabulous. We spent most of our time at the pool, on the beach, golfing or just relaxing. There is decent shopping, or so my DW tells me. There are great restaurants too. Definitely a place to go if you play golf or tennis, or are just looking to relax.


Our family of 5 had a 2-bedroom villa at HHI in May. We absolutely loved it and spent a lot of time at the pool & beach.

There are other things to do if you wish…you may want to call down for a full listing. We did a dolphin tour that was wonderful.

If you like to play golf, you will be in heaven at Hilton Head.

The resort itself does not have a full service restaurant, but there are a ton of restaurants throughout the island. I went there fat, and came home a lot fatter! :noo:

Anyway, I will definately be going again. It was great. :happy:


Thanks for the info…I play golf, but not when I go on vacation with the family, although it is VERY tempting (trade off w/ DW on the shopping thing, I think I come out WAY ahead, certainly financially!!!). I heard there are miles of bike trails, so I think we’ll bring our bikes down.

I keep telling myself, “It’s a Disney Resort, it has to be great”, and I respect your opinions tremendously. Looks like 5 days in July!!!



You will love it. on the whole island (which is huge), there are bike trails everywhere. Make sure to visit Harbor Town to see the lighthose and the boats. There are great places to eat down there. The whole island is organized by a series of plantations (remember you are in the deep south). The lighthouse is in the Sea Pines plantation. You have to pay to get into this plantation, but it is well worth going in here and riding bikes, going to the beach, eating dinner in the Harbor Town area. It is a great vacation place.
The only drawback (which may not be a drawback) is that the signs for restaurants, Walmart, etc. are not regular signs. They are handcarved and designed to blend in with the landscaping. That can make them a little hard to find if you are not sure of where you are going. There are no huge billboards advertising the airbrushed shirt stores, etc. It is very nice!!! you will love this vacation- it is not a small island!!!