Hilton @ Sea World?


I haven’t posted in this forum before! Woo!

Has anyone ever stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club @ Sea World in Orlando? This was the closest timeshare/hotel we could find for the week after Thanksgiving; google says its 20 mins from MK. Knowing that its a Hilton, we have high hopes that it’ll be pretty sweet, but we’ve never tried their timeshare resorts before… We weren’t able to get a suite, just a regular 2 bedroom that can accomodate 6 people (There will be 5 of us.) Sounds a little too crowded for me, lol. :ph34r: I treasure my solitude, what can I say?

Anyhow, can anyone tell me the lay of the land? Is it as nice as the photos say it is? Crummy? Crowded?


I have not stayed there but we were going to before some of our plans changed and I talked with Mickey at Mouseketrips and he seemed to think it was ok!! You might PM him and ask him details!!


We stayed there about 3 years ago and absolutly loved it. It was beautiful and the rooms were huge. The only not so good thing was the game room was very small and not much in it. At night (if you are staying at the one right across fom Sea world) you can stand outside and watch their fireworks. I think you will love it there. If you have any questions just ask.


I stayed there in 2006. We had a 2-bedroom suite for my mother, husband, son, and I. It was a lot of space for the four of us. Overall, I thought the resort was very nice. And, I wouldn’t hesistate to stay there again.


We won’t be in a suite, and I am more introverted than anyone knows, so I am a little concerned about the space. :blush: But it sounds really nice, mousemom! I’m a sucker for fireworks, and the game room has never been the place to be at hotels for me. :slight_smile:


You will be in a great resort. What kind of room will you be in? The pools are nice,the resort itself is beautiful and I think you will find it very nice. Yes, the fireworks are a nice accent to this resort. You won’t be disappointed.


Just a regular room (not a suite)…2 bedroom that has occupancy for 6. Is that okay? :blush:


We had a 2 bedroom with kitchen(I am guessing it was a suite) and it was huge. Probably one of the biggest suites yet. It was very comfortable and the resort itself was beautiful. The main pool had a waterfall and a hot tub right close to it. It seemed to be a bit chilly for me. We also had a pool(less crowded) right next to our room and it was warmer. They have a little bakery/deli,outside bar,kids playground(which was nice) and game room(which I have already told you was really small). Lanscaping was beautiful and there were BBQ grills also. All in all I think you will like it.


I’m sorry. My response was a little misleading. :pinch:

I shouldn’t have thrown around the word “suite” as I did. What we had was definitely a 2-bedroom. I’m guessing that it is the same thing you have reserved. The 2-bedroom has a lot of space. So, I’m guessing your party of six will fit just fine.