Has anyone stayed at the Hilton across from DTD? Is it nice?


I have - we hosted a conference there this past April.


Was it nice? Would you stay there again? Do you stay in a tower room?


The hotel is great… loved the pool and yes I had was in a tower room facing DDT.

Would I stay there again, not sure, I did love the hotel, but if I had a choice (and paying for) I would stay on property, more of a theme… but if I was using my Hilton Points… YES I would stay there again.


Thank you for the imformation!!!


We’ve stayed there many times over the years. Usually during Thanksgiving week because we have non-Disney activity. However, I always take advantage of walking over to DTD several times. I would stay there again and will be this Thanksgiving. However, I agree with dac921. Given a choice, I would stay on property.


Ther eis a great Benihana there. We go to eat there each trip. Also, they have a huge breakfast place in the lobby, so you can grab and go to the parks.


I haven’t stayed in that Hilton but agree with others that if you can it’s always beter to stay on Disney Property if all your doing is Disney


My DH just stayed there for a guys week-end. They loved it.


Thanks that’s what I wanted to hear! My mom and I planned on going last weekend and had ressie’s at CB with free dining but had to cancel. But last friday I found airfare on Spirit out of Detroit for $69.00 RT leaving TH and returning on SAT. So I booked it! She really wants to go to MNSSHP that’s it and doing alittle (o.k. alot) of shopping at DTD.


My parents stayed last September when they came to visit me while I was on the college program. Their room was nice, and had a nice view of DTD. You can walk quickly to DTD from there. We had a character breakfast there on Sunday where we saw Minnie, Pluto, and the Country Bears. I cannot remember the name of that restuarant. The food was good. We ate eggs benedict.
My only compliant was that bus service was slow. Not as fast as Disney transport, but I do think that the Hilton participates in EMH.

I think it is nice hotel esp if you are using Hilton points.


We usually stay there about 2 times a year. You may lose the theming, but the hotel experience is closer to a Deluxe Disney-owned hotel as compared to a moderate Disney-owned hotel, but the prices are usually comparable to the moderates.


I am staying there the first week in December. I could not pass up the price. I got a rate at about $90 a night. At that price I can deal with a little slower bus service.


Wow, Davy. That is the lowest price I had ever seen for it. I consider anything in the low one hundreds to be a good price for it. I just took an impromptu trip over the weekend and stayed there for $140 a night.

One thing that was odd was the shower/bathtub. Over the last few couple years, whenever I have stayed at a Hilton at Disney or otherwise, the shower curtain rod bows out, so it doesn’t feel like the shower curtain is attacking you. The room I got had an “old” style setup. I did get a double twin room as opposed to a king size bed room which may have been the difference, but I think I have had other twin bed rooms with the “bowed” out shower curtain rod. I know, not a big thing, but something I notice after taking various cruises on multiple lines with their various small showers enclosures.


Are you serious about double TWIN beds? I was thinking about trying to book one night there this December when we arrive late. We often do that if we can get a cheaper rate than on-site. But if they are TWIN size beds, I will look elsewhere…


We paid $99.00 a night and recieved a beautiful room with 2 queen beds and a great view. The shower was a little odd we had the old style glass shower doors. But everything else was first rate, I would stay again.


Gatour, when I tried to book for 12/1 thru 12/8, I was getting a price of about $139 per night. By extending the trip and using 11/30 as a check-in date I got the first night at $114 and the rest at $90. So the bottom line is I am saving something like $270 and getting an extra night at the same time.

Phayes93, I am pretty certain there are two double beds in these rooms.


Twins, we are paying roughly the same. When you said you had a great view did you end up getting a Tower Room? Or are there simply some Standard Rooms with great views? I am wondering if you asked for and were possibly granted an upgrade.

Do you have any tips or warnings about the transportation? We are going with my 5 year old and will try to take a break in the day and return back to our room for a little rest.


Hilton offers transportation to all the parks…
If you go through the lobby towards their little market (just past the market) you’ll see out going doors to your right, they are a set of double door, right past the doors that is where the buses pick you up.


I probably made a mistake in my terminology. My room had two beds that each could sleep 2 people. I thought they were doubles or twins (whichever size sleeps two) but could have been queens. I always get twins and doubles confused when referring to them.

Of all of the hotels in Downtown Disney the Hilton is my favorite. The rooms look almost brand new, the location is great to walking over to the MarketPlace, Pleasure Island, plus you get almost all of the benefits of staying at a Disney owned hotel (like early entry, extra magic hours etc)