Hint of the Next Celebration


the big announcement is tomorrow June 7, 2006 for the next celebration in disney world. Go to www.wdwmagic.com for the big announcement info.


I already heard about a Pirates and Princess parade, but I didn’t know if that was a celebration thing. I’m always up for news on a new celebration though. :happy:


I never heard about the Pirates and Princess parade!! Where can I find out more about it??


Here’s some info I got from that same site:
11 March 2006: Pirates and Princesses hard ticket event

There are plans underway to introduce a new “Pirates and Princesses” hard ticket event at the Magic Kingdom. Based on a similar concept to “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” and “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”, the new event would take place after regular parks hours, and would require a separate ticket for entry. As part of the evening events would be a Pirates and Princesses parade. Whilst this concept is strongly tipped to come to reality around January 2007, please remember that this information is not officially confirmed, and as always is subject to change.


I’m very excited to find out what the next celebration will be. It will be hard to follow up The Happiest Celebration on Earth.


Anyone heard/seen anything? I checked WDWmagic and I don’t see anything…


tomorrow disney will announce the next celebration.:mickey:


Here is the website Disney has set up with a little more info about the celebration.


Looks like it will be a lot of random granting peoples’ wishes and dreams in the park. Could be cool!


I was just going to post that! It looks so cool, I can’t wait to see what it’s all about.


What a cool website!

I am so excited to hear more about this! It starts in October, and I’m going in October! There is a sweeps, but it wouldn’t let me enter right now (server error). If you win the sweeps, you have to travel to WDW Oct 1-4th :mickey:


It wouldn’t let me enter the contest either. I wonder if maybe that part of the website will not work until after the big announcement about the celebration.


I bet you are right…no entering until it’s official.


Ohhhhhhhh…now…I CAN’T SLEEP! :happy:


Did you see the part about spending a night in Cinderella Castle? And what do you think a Golden Fastpass is? I can’t wait until tomorrow to hear more!


sleeping in the castle? OMG! I gotta hear about this celebration now!!! Yeah I’m definitely excited.


OMH this is awesome!!!

I entered the sweeps already…they could tell me to be there tomorrow and I’d be on my way to the airport in my PJ’s!


I also entered, I would love to win this, it sounds wonderful.


I’m entered too :smile:


Count me entered too!


I just entered as well. This celebration hint is getting me all worked up. :happy: