Historical discounts for wdw in the fall


Yes I am wondering if anybody can tell me of in the past what the discounts if any they have had for the last week of Ocotber for WDW? Wanting to go there from October 24 until November 1st.


Check this out, it will give you some information on past discounts: MouseSavers.com - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts


I don’t know the answer but want to say WELCOME to MB :smile:


I looked on mousesavers and all they said was a package discount. I was wondering as to what percent they have done in the past. I was trying to figure out how much I could expect to spend for a package stay.

thank you


When I went in Oct of 07 it was a pkg discount that amounted to several hundred dollars off of our 7 night trip. It’s generally room rate only but that’s still a large discount. I don’t know what the % was but I think it was in the 20-30% range.


After 9/11 they ran a neighboring states discount which included Georgia, South Carolina, and I’m thinking Alabama. If the “economic crisis” gets worse, we might see something similar. So far, Disney has continued to pull tourists in with deals, though (which is a good indicator that there will be a new deal going on for October travel).


Ya know I never thought of it like that. I wonder if they will have more buy 4 get 3 and the gift card again for Sept. That would be awesome.


what all did the buy 4 get 3 include?


(Someone please correct me if I’m wrong) Buy 4 nights w/ park passes and get an additional 3 nights including park passes for free. It did not include DDP. We had this booked for a trip in Jan that we had to cancel.


That is how I read it. the ddp was not included in it.