History free dining


Can anyone tell what months they usually do free dining we are planning our trip.we would like to spend longer time down there this trip.my dd works there and we would like to be able to spend more time w her doing other things.


I can’t swear to it, but I want to say it’s usually late August through September.


Yes I’d agree with PeterMac, we’ve always gone late August or September and had free dining.


Dana will likely have the exact dates to expect. She’ll fill you in!


It’s not released as of yet, but if we go based off prior years, it should start 8/24 and run through September. Again, this is a guess based off prior years.


Now that’s what I want, history free dining. Even better would be math free dining.


I thought they had it sometime in december.


We were there the week after Thanksgiving with free dining. Going the same week this year and crossing our fingers.


In the past free dinning in Oct. I know for a fact because when we have gone the week before Halloween we have had it.


When I have had free dining it has been in September.


I am simply giving you all the weeks it consistently happens. Disney pulled it for January and I would not bank on them keeping it for the entire fall and early winter.

They have ran it in October, November, January and all sorts of months. The time frame that seems consistent is last week of August and all of September. I have no inside info. I was just giving my opinion.


and you are correct, they have. I didn’t say they didn’t.l


I don’t have any inside information. I am just guessing based off of last year etc.

September is consistent FREE, the other months aren’t. That’s all i was saying.


I would somtime like human free dining.lol
I guess a should have specified history of free dining


I’m also making plan with family.September is consistent FREE…good.Sure will must be visited there…thanks for this.


We are going october 13 for ten days.


[QUOTE=faerie dust;1130201]I would somtime like human free dining.lol
I guess a should have specified history of free dining[/QUOTE]

I’ve been waiting for someone to catch this and comment. I was beginning to think it went over everyone’s head or it totally laid an egg.