Hit by a bus


They just broke into the news with this. Not sure if anyone else has heard

Disney Fort Wilderness bus accident: Young boy killed by bus near Disney’s Fort Wilderness - OrlandoSentinel.com

I feel so horrible for the family. I can’t believe it. My thoughts go out to them


Ugh, that’s awful!!! Thoughts and prayers go out to that family and the bus driver. :crying:


We do have some more information coming into the newsroom.
You can get that by going here: Boy, 10, Hit By Bus At Disney - Central Florida News 13

We have a reporter at the scene. We’re told it’s a Disney bus. Still unsure of how/why this happened!


How awful, I can’t begin to imagine what that family is going through right now.


Oh my heart just sank. Prayers for the family.


On my, that is horrible. I can only imagine what this family is going through. I will keep this family in my thoughts and prayers. What a terrible time.:frown::crying:


How terrible! Those poor people.


That is so sad. I am praying for this family…


We have gotten an update. Florida Highway Patrol says the boy was killed by the Disney Bus while riding a bike with a friend.
So very sad…

Here’s the latest:
Boy, 10, Hit By Bus At Disney - Central Florida News 13


Such a tragedy. My thoughts are for the child’s family and the bus driver too.


This is so tragic. I can’t imagine what the family and the bus driver are going through. Transportation seems to have a dark cloud these last few months.My prayers go out to all involved.


that is just so sad. thoughts go out to all concerned.


Oh my gosh, so sad. :sad:


So sad! Thoughts go out to the family.


Oh my, how awful.


WESH doesn’t have very much information, other than it was a Disney bus involved and it was “near” Fort Wilderness on Big Pine Road. However, my maps tell me Big Pine Road is inside Fort Wilderness and Channel 13 News (cable only?) is reporting that it occured near Ft. Wilderness Trail and Big Pine Road… There’s a big difference between riding bikes outside your resort and it happening inside the resort. Sadly, it looks like Big Pine Road is one of the main internal roads, which is why the bus was on that road in the first place.
I don’t know what happened and I’m not going to cast blame.
This is just a horrible accident.

But it’s not the first in the last seven days. There was a crash involving a Mears bus and a Disney bus on the entrance ramp into Epcot. The Mears bus was stopped, not sure if it was out of the lane of traffic, and the Disney bus rear ended the Mears bus sending 7 to the hospital, including the Disney driver, who was in critical condition. That driver was ticketed by FHP and is now on leave from Disney.


H o r r i b l e!!!


This is so sad. From the arial photo I saw it does look to be inside Fort Wilderness. Are more accidents happening now or are we just hearing about them more quickly because of the internet and such?


No, I think there are more accidents.
I have seen more than a few Disney bus drivers that weren’t “the best” and they are the inspiration for my coming “Disney’s Out Of Control Bus” attraction.
Also, I hate to say this, but I think that all the radio chatter they have to listen to can be very distracting and might be causing more problems than it’s solving.


Horrible…Just Horrible. Our prayers to the families all involved.