Hlselz belated magical trip report


After being a closet MB forum reader for a few months, I finally decided to upgrade my status from guest to member. First order of business, post my latest trip to DW from March 2007. I know this is a few months old, but I also know everyone loves to read trip reports!

First, a little back story. I have a close group of friends that have traveled together for the previous 4 years during our spring break. This year, only two of us were left in school, (everyone else having real grown-up jobs) so me and my close pal Jesse decided to make the trip to WDW. Neither one of us had been there since we were very little. We only had 3 full days in the world, with only park passes for 2 days. Nevertheless, we had a blast! And since, I have convinced my husband to go down there with me again in September. Only 42 days left!!

Day 1:
Not a very eventful day. We got up early and drove from Fargo to Minneapolis. Because of a blizzard in Minneapolis, our plane left late. We didnt get to Orlando until about 11:00 at night. We took the ME from the airport to DW. This service was great and saved us a lot of hastle! We got to our rooms at ASM, very surprised to see the Mickey towels, and then headed strait for bed.


Day 2:

We got up super early this morning–being awakened by Goofy. We went for a quick dip in the pool, and then got ready for MK. We had breakfast reservations at 9:00 for the Crystal Palace. I am a little embarrassed to say this, but when we were waiting for the MK to open, I got a little teary eyed when Mickey and the gang came to open up the park. I was just so excited! We got seated at The Crystal Palace without waiting. The breakfast buffet there was huge!

My memories are a little jumbled on the order of the rides we went on. I know the park was pretty empty, and we didnt have to wait long in the morning in any lines. The Jungle Cruise was cheesy and fun. Pirates was awesome, and I was surprised by how much of it I remembered from when I was little. I was really impressed with the Jack Sparrow impersonator. We got a FP for Splash Mountain, stood in line for Thunder Mountain, and then and used the FP for Splash. One of the pics below is of the castle from Thunder Mountain.

At one point, I remember realizing while we were there how fantastically nice all the CMs were. It seemed like every employee for Disney was bending over backwards to be super nice to both of us. I was really impressed. We went on Mickey’s Philharmagic, and I was blown away! We headed over to Space Mountain and got a FP for 7:00 that evening. By this time, after strolling around in some stores, it was close to 2:00. The park was crowded, and it was HOT outside. We decided to head back to the hotel for a nap and some food.


YES!! It is Music, sorry I didnt make that clear!


Day 2 Cont.

After getting back to ASMusic, we had food from the food court. I ate pizza, I think this is all I ever ate here, it isnt very good, but I just kept getting it. I took a nap for a few hours, and then we headed back to MK.

The first thing we did was ride Space Mountain. I had flashbacks of riding Space when I was young, with my older brother. I was really excited for it, and it did not disappoint. Next, we went on Stitches Great Escape. I was not impressed with this ride. Jesse and I must of had two bad seats. Throughout the second half of the ride, as the lights go out, we kept hearing everyone around us shrieking and screaming, and I got the idea of what was supposed to be happening, but nothing ever happened to us. No “spit” flying at us, or anything touching/grabbing/blowing at us. :closedeye

We wondered around for a while, enjoying the night time scenery, and trying to pick a spot to watch Wishes. We ended up stepping over the railings of the Rose Garden, and plopping down on the grass. I am a big fan of fireworks, and thought Wishes was great! From the time when Tinkbell flew down from the castle, till the end of the fireworks, I was speechless.

Next stop was Its A Small World… Oh… that song. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the trip! We then found a spot on a bench to watch the Spectro parade. This was fantastic as well. When we got back from our vacation, I looked at pictures my mom had taken when we were at DW before. I was in 2nd or maybe 3rd grade. I was surprised to see that many of the floats were exactly the same!

After the parade we headed back to the hotel. I was very pleased with the shuttle service to ASMusic. I had read that the lines can be long for the All Star resorts, especially when the parks are closing, but we only waited about 10 minutes. After we got back to the hotel, we both pretty much passed out, it was a long day!

The castle after Wishes

Spectro Parade


ooh - great pics! can’t wait for more! glad you finally joined us (lurker!!) - lol!!


ooooohhh, I am excited to read your report. Glad you decided to come out from:ph34r: and join the fun :happy:


Welcome to the “playground”. Can’t wait to read the rest of your TR!


Congratulations on taking the step out of lurkdom! Its a pleasure to have you aboard.

Great pictures by the way!!


Don’t be embarrassed, you are amongst likeness. hehe. We all get a little teary-eyed on our trips here and there. :happy: Glad you decided to do a TR, I love trips amongst friends & it looks like you and Jesse had a blast so far. Can’t wait to read the rest & I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your September trip! (Any plans for that one yet?)


Welcome to Mousebuzz!

Thanks for doing a trip report! It looks like you had fun!


Our plans for September have been made. We are staying at POF from 9-1 through 9-5. Another short trip, but Im sure it will be great. We are on the dining plan, and have made all of our ADRs. We are also going to Cirque Du Soleil, which Im really excited for.


Excellent report! I am loving these pictures! Keep it coming!!


Welcome…it’s nice to have you with us! Great photos.


Day 2: Epcot

Jesse and I accidentally slept in a little this day. We were planning on hitting Epcot early, but didnt make it there until around 11:00. We went on Spaceship Earth first. Followed by Mission Space. I have to tell you, I DID NOT want to go on Mission Space. I love extreme rides, EXCEPT when the ride has anything to do with going in a circular motion. Jesse begged and convinced me, and I kept seeing both really young kids, and people who are nearing senior age getting off the ride with smiles on their faces. I figured if all of these people could handle this, so could I. Also, I figured that if I was going to do this, I was going to REALLY do it, so we went on the more extreme version. In the end, I did not actually get sick, but I thought I was going to cry when you almost get to Mars, but because of technical problems, can not land yet. I just wanted it to be over! After drinking some water when the ride was done though, I was fine.

The next thing we did was headed over to Soarin. This is one ride that we both really wanted to go on. When we got there, all the FP were gone for the day (which we didnt even consider could/would happen). We decided to stand in line, which finally took us about 3 hours to get through. It was worth it. Soarin Rocked!

After Soarin, we went to Test Track. The FP were gone here too, and we were done standing in lines, so we headed over to the World Pavilion.

Before we left for our vacation, a co-worker told me not to worry about trying to see Epcot all in one day. She told me that it only took about 5 or 6 hours to get through the entire park. WHAT?!?!? I was really disappointed we missed so much at Epcot, and could not believe that someone would take only half a day at this park to “see everything.” I did learn for the next time I am at Epcot, get there early, and go to the main attraction rides first.

I am glad I did it, but I think I can wait a while before doing it again :happy:


Great TR so far and love your pictures. The night shots are great, what kind of camera are you using?


Day 2 Cont

We started touring the pavilion in England. We casually strolled around taking in the sights. We had already decided we were going to “drink around the world,” so we started by grabbing some beer from Rose and Crown. YUM! We had ADRs at L’Originale at 6:30, so we casually walked around, making our way towards Italy, while stopping to drink the “local” beverages. I didnt have a lot of extra spending money, and wanted very badly to buy some goods in some of the countries, but was able to hold off. I really loved the scenery and atmosphere in Morocco, probably my favorite country.

We got to our ADR, and only had to wait a short time before being seated. The food was ok (Im not a huge fan of Italian in the first place) but our service was great. Our waiter recommended wine for us that comes from the same area as where he is from. It was delicious. I also tried calamari here, as Ive always wanted to try it, but in the end, didnt care for it that much.

After dinner, we continued to tour the world. We didnt pick up a times guide when we entered the park, so when it got dark out, we decided to try and find a spot for IllumiNations, since we were not sure of the exact start time. We ended up standing by Japan somewhere (I think). Great thing happened next! While we were standing and waiting, a security guard walked by and asked us if we were having a good time. I replied yes, and then asked him if he had any “inside” hot spots to view IllumiNations. He said that the spot we were standing in was pretty good. Great! Jesse and I stood there for about another 10 minutes, when the guard came back and said that if we would meet him over by Mexico, he would show us a really good spot. We agreed and made our way over towards Mexico. When we got there, the guard was waiting by some ropes, which he unhooked, and then led us down to the docks! It was amazing! We had our own private viewing spot for the show. We were the only ones on the dock, and although the music was kind of hard to hear, the view was great, and we didnt have to worry about the crowds! We sat by ourselves, drinking our margaritas, and felt like royalty because we had been singled out. :laugh:

After the show was over, we went back to our resort. We picked up some beer from the gift store (which is insanely over priced) and sat by the pool playing cards for a few hours. There was a big event going on in DW when we were there, I think we figured out it was some sort of cheerleading competition. There were many groups staying at our resort for this. While sitting at the pool that night, a lot of the teenagagers were interacting, flirting and talking. It was fun to watch this younger crowd, and to see how much fun they were having at the world! We went to bed around 2:00, exhausted.

This tile work is REALLY beautiful.

Jasmine and Alladin


We had almost finished conquering drinking around the world. Hard to tell right?


Wow, your time in Epcot sounded fabulous. I very clearly remember my DH and I “drinking around the world” on our honeymoon. We would hop over to Epcot almost every evening at 5pm.

Really enjoying your report…


Some more pics at Epcot

Off Kilter?? Is that their name?



Hey welcome, as a former lurker myself, I can attest to the great fun in participating in MB!

Great TR and pictures!


Day 3

We did not have park tickets today, but we still had a great time! We slept in late, woke up, and then went swimming. It was a cloudy day, but no rain, and still very beautiful. We decided to use our mini golf vouchers that come with the Magic Your Way package. We went to Winter Summerland, and played a round of golf. The holes were easy, and the decorations were fun! If I were to go mini golfing in DW again though, I think Id like to try Fantasia Gardens, just because Ive read its more challenging.

Next, we went back to our hotel and had lunch. I had pizza again :blush: Jesse wanted to go para sailing, so we took a bus to MK, and then the monorail to the Contemporary. I really wanted to go para sailing also, but the price is kinda much. (95 dollars if I remember right) Ive been para sailing before, and paid half as much, so decided to skip this one out. Jesse said it was great, and that you could see Cinderella’s castle, and the sphere at Epcot while you were up. Must be a great view. After he was finished, we lounged around at the Contemporary for a little bit, before taking the boat over to FW.

We went to FW to see the Hoop De Doo. It was REALLY fun, and we thought the food was really good! (and the all you can drink beer) It was very entertaining, our server was great–absolutely worth the 2 sit down meals apiece from our dining plan.